Getting Started: Adding Verses

Time Posted on November 17, 2009 User Andy

There are a variety of ways to add Bible verses on Memverse. You can go to the popular verses page. As you hover your mouse over a given translation, the text of the verse should appear to the right. You can click on the translation and it will give you the option to add the verse to your list of memory verses.

The main way to add verses is from the 'Add Verse' page, also located under the Home tab. Type the reference for the verse (e.g. Romans 12:1) into the top left box (labelled 'Verse'). If other users have entered the verse you will see the available translations appearing on the right. If the translation you want to use appears on the right you can click it and the verse will be added to your list. There are already thousands of verses in the database so there is a good chance that the verse you want will appear under the available translations.

Alternatively, if the translation you want to use does not appear, you can select the translation in the drop down menu (below the 'Verse' box) and then enter the actual text of the verse into the large box. We recommend either cutting and pasting the text from a website like Bible Gateway or typing it in very carefully from your own Bible. Remember, other people will be using the verses you enter yourself to memorize so don't alter the text to suit yourself!

There is also a list of popular verses on the 'Add Verse' page. You can add those verses to your list of memory verses with a single click.

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12 responses to Getting Started: Adding Verses



when can I take an accuracy test??


@Elppa--When you have memorized ten verses, you will be allowed to do an Accuracy Test. The Accuracy Test is meant to check how good you are at your memorized verses, and there are ten questions. So the only way to do it is if you have ten verses memorized.

Secret agent of God (Paul Harrison)

If we have a verse listed as 'memorized', if we delete it from our verse list, will that also take it off of our profile?

Alex Watt

Paul - Yes, if you delete a verse, then it is completely gone from your account (and it would no longer contribute to any of the stats on your profile).

George Müller (MM)

(sorry about this, GetSatisfaction is still not working. I need to get my dad to help me fix it, I think it's something to do with the filter on my computer)

I think it would be a good thing if we were able to memorize titles of Psalms on Memverse. We could put their reference as something like Psalm 8:T:

To the chief Musician upon Gittith, A Psalm of David.

This would be especially helpful if we want to remember something about the psalm, such as when the psalmist wrote it (like the titles of Psalms 18, 30, 34, 51, 52, 54, 59, etc.) or what was the purpose of the psalm (to bring to remembrance, Psalms 38, 70; a love song, Psalm 45; for the king's son, Psalm 72, etc.). I don't know if you would want to not count the psalm as a complete chapter until the verse was added, or if you wanted to add options for this on the profile page, or what. So, what do you think?

George Müller (MM)

Or, if you can't do references like "Psalm 8:T", would it be okay if I put in references saying "Psalm 8:0"? I wanted to alert you guys and make sure it was okay before doing it. I would really like to be able to memorize the titles of psalms, though.

Alex Watt

Matthew - Yes, you can enter them as "Psalm 8:0"; we actually had someone else think of that, and it works great. It was discussed a while back on one of the GetSatisfaction topics... so go right ahead! You might find some already in there....

His Servant I

@Matthew - Yes, while checking the NKJV I already saw a Psalm 34:0 =) Is that the version you use?

George Müller (MM)

@Bethany - No, we use KJV.

@Alex: Sounds good!

EDIT: Wait a minute. I just added Psalm 8:0 to my verses and then checked on my account. Psalm 8 is no longer listed as a complete chapter. What's going on?

Alex Watt

Matthew - We'll look into it.

Update: Thanks for letting us know; it will be fixed in the next release.

George Müller (MM)

Thank you, it's fixed now.


I was wondering if it is possible to add a verse on here to memorize in more than one version. I tried to see if it would work, and it didn't so I'm assuming no. That would be something beneficial to add if possible.

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