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Started by Dance4Him


So, over the summer, I started memorizing the book of James. All was going well through chapter two, but by chapter three, I was really struggling. I have finally mostly gotten it down, but it took like 2-3 months! Do you guys have any tips for memorizing books or longer passages?



I guess that my biggest tip would be to stay disciplined and not miss a day. Which means that I should probably get off of MV now… :)

Oh, and it's nice if you give yourself some sort of small extra privledge when you're finished with a chapter/book.


Tim jones

For memorizing a chapter, I've find that if you focus on memorizing around 4 to 6 verses a day to be the best. Get it down to where you can quote it at night and then if you can quote it in the morning without looking at it, you got it. As you finish the chapter spend extra time with the last paragraph, as it's the hardest to retain. As time goes on, (weeks) forget it and stop. Then rememorize it (should take a day or 2, for a chapter). It will be impressed in your mind more deeply. Every time you repeat this process, you will come to a point where you cannot forget it. And your mind will naturally reproduce it.


Rodney Hoskins

I have read a book on memorization. I have done it with Ephesians and it worked very well. One day you remember a few verses the next day you try to recall what you learned yesterday, looking at the verses when you draw a blank. The next day, you recall the day before and the day before that. By the end of the book, you are quoting it from beginning to end almost daily. It presses it upon your mind cause every day you are recalling what you have learned. I highly suggest this. The book itself was not too long, and the priced fairly cheap but well worth it. The title of the book "An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture" By Dr. Andrew Davis. If your serious about memorizing books this is well worth the read and cost.


AK (a scribe)

Thanks, Rodney. I like your thoughts and your book recommendation. I will definitely look into it. How did you come across it? What motivated you to buy this book versus so many other ones on the subject? I just searched for it, and found the Kindle edition of it. Can't go wrong for a buck!! And the rewards could very well be "out of this world!!" :)


AK (a scribe)

Hi, Rodney. Not sure if you are still online now and then or not. But I decided to give your idea a try. Around June 2020, I bought the book, read it, and then was impressed to apply it to memorizing the Book of Daniel, to go along with my 1.5-2 year in-depth study of Daniel which I started on July 1, 2020. I had a few questions, so I was able to successfully contact the author, a Baptist minister in the USA, and asked him my questions. He gave me some excellent answers and clarifications that I needed.

I started my memorization of Daniel, at one verse/day, six days/week. on Monday, Jan 20, 2020, and a little over one year later, I'm about half way through Daniel chapter 11. I've thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

Thank you VERY MUCH for sharing your thoughts above. I wouldn't have even tried it, let alone with Daniel, had you not suggested this book. Thank you, Rodney. Thank you.


Matt Bradshaw

Thanks for the recommendation for this book Memorization of Scripture" By Dr. Andrew Davis. I just purchased it.
I am currently reading His Word in my Heart by Janet Pope. This is a really down to earth book. Very encouraging to read and apply. I am currently working on the first chapter of James. I memorized it years ago and did not work on reviewing it regularly.
What a treat to begin again! My plan is to memorize the whole book. So, I am just getting back to this process. It is a great way to get and keep God's word in your heart.


AK (a scribe)

Thanks, Matt, for your comment above. I've added Janet Pope's book to my Amazon wish list. Sounds good.

By this coming Wednesday, Sept 15, I will have learned the last verse of the Book of Daniel. Thereafter I will just have Daniel 12 to review in full for 100 consecutive days (with a couple of the previous chapters still at various stages in that 100 day review requirement). It's been an absolutely wonderful experience.

It seemed like a millennium away on July 20, 2020 when I started with 357 verses to learn/memorize in Daniel. But like the expression goes . . . how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! That was really the key to memorizing Daniel. One verse a day, 6 days a week . . . and I'm almost done.

I'm hoping to write a blog in a few months about how I incorporated Dr. Davis' book's memorization program in with Memverse, so that I got the best of both worlds. Still a few logistics to work out before I can do that.

Wishing you the very best in your memorizing goal for James. Definitely a wonderful book!! If I can be of help to you in any way, do let me know. May God be with you!!




Thanks for recommending the Janet Pope book. I'll be looking for it.

Welcome back to memorizing scripture! You said, "It is a great way to get and keep God's word in your heart." Agreed! I can think of a better way to keep the Word close in my heart, mind, and daily life. Best wishes and have fun memorizing! :)


AK (a scribe)

Thanks, Sister.
And I'm sure you meant to say in your reply to Matt, "I can't think . . . ", instead of "I can think . . ."
Keep up your own memorizing program. God bless you both!!