Mini Flashcards work wonderfully!

Started by Sarah


First off, I'm so glad a forum was created to share ideas about this!

I have personally found, starting with the 2009 Bible Bee, that small flashcards work very well for me. Right now I'm using a basic table that puts 36 on one page, so it really doesn't take very much paper. I like to use card stock, so that the cards hold up well.
I like to set up the cards with the reference all by itself on the top line, and then just one verse per card. I always do one verse, even when I'm memorizing a whole chunk, like John 3.
To help with connecting specific references, even in big chunks, I like to memorize the verses in random order. So, for example, I'll pick John 3:1, 3:9, 3:17, 3:28, and 3:34 to start. Then, I start by reading through each one several times to get familiar with them. After that, I slide the front card down just far enough to see the reference on the next card, and try to say that verse before looking at it at all.
Once I can say the verses word-perfectly after seeing just the references, I'll add a few more cards to the mix, for example, John 3:4, 3:12, 3:22, and 3:36. Then I repeat the process, reviewing the old ones and learning the new ones.
After a few new sets, I start separating out the verses I consider to be "preliminarily memorized." That way, I don't waste time reviewing. Once a verse is "preliminarily memorized," I add it to memverse, and it works great for reviewing!
I'm super excited to hear what everyone else has to share!


Sheila Edeliant

I like your ideas, Sarah! I have noticed when I memorize a long passage, such as a complete chapter of the Bible, I tend to use the verses that I was previously very familiar with as sort of "waymarks", keeping everything else all lined up in order. Although I have half-considered memorizing the verses out of order to help with getting the exact references correct, I had not thought of setting up the "waymark" verses for myself on purpose, but it sounds like that is essentially what you are doing with your random verses. Your flash cards sound like they would be helpful, too. Thanks for sharing!