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ESV 2007 Version Added

Time Posted on June 18, 2012 User Andy Comment 13 comments

Those of you doing your Bible Bee memory verses in English Standard Version will be pleased to hear that we've added the 2007 version. Please note that there are now two English Standard Versions. If you've been using ESV up until now and would like to keep your memory verses on the 2011 edition then you don't have to do anything. Those of you who would prefer to use the 2007 version will have to delete your memory verses and re-add them in the old edition.

It appears that the English Standard Version has adopted an approach whereby they will continue to make changes over time and obsolete the old editions. I think as Bibles enter the digital age, this is going to become more and more common. For the English Standard Version we will probably ensure that those of you who remain on the most current edition will always do so. If there is demand, we will continue to support the legacy editions for as long as possible.

As someone who is still on the NIV 1984 edition I realize that this can be disconcerting, but I do think that in the future we should all expect our digital Bibles to be continuously updated, just as the rest of our software is kept up to date.

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