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Moving to a New Home and Renovating

Time Posted on November 11, 2011 User Andy Comment 44 comments

Once the National Bible Bee is concluded, Memverse is going to be simultaneously upgrading to a newer version of our framework (Ruby on Rails) and moving to a new hosting provider. The new framework will provide better performance. The new hosting provider will (we hope) provide more stability.

Here is what you need to know:

  1. We will give more details closer to the time but the current database will be migrated to the new server. There will probably be a brief period of down time during which Memverse will be unavailable. Our hope is that it will be no more than a few hours.
  2. We will be deleting from the database any users who have no memory verses in their account. If you would like to maintain your account, please make sure you add at least one memory verse.
  3. In future you will login using your email address.


Keep reading only if you like living on the edge

We would love people to try out the new site in advance. If you would like to do this, add the following line to your 'hosts' file:

You will know that you're on the new website because there will be a blog post that isn't on the current site. The database on the new site was copied over last night. Anything that happens on the new site will be overwritten when the migration happens. If you do try out the new site, please try and test all the various functionality and clearly report bugs. This will make the transition a less bumpy ride when it eventually happens. Remember that you will have to remove the line in the 'hosts' file to return to the original site.

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