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Time Posted on November 24, 2011 User Phil Walker Comment 37 comments

We just sent out the Thanksgiving Memverse newsletter.   If you did not receive it and want to be added to the list to receive all future newsletter and news flashes, you can sign up through or by emailing Phil Walker at

Below is a copy of the Thanksgiving Newsletter. 

Dear Memverse friends,


As you and your family enjoy Thanksgiving, we want to share some of the things we are thankful for:


Most of all, we are thankful for God loving us and sending His Son to die for us that we might have forgiveness of sins and a new Life in Him.  We are thankful that we can deeply know God in all of His fullness through reading, meditating on, trusting, and obeying His Word!  We are thankful that God led Andy to start Memverse and for all the work Andy and others who have come along beside him have put into making Memverse such an enjoyable and valuable tool for memorizing and inspiring others to memorize God's precious Word.  We are thankful that God has led you to and for the many of you who are spreading Memerse on to others you know.


We at Memverse are thankful for the completion of another wonderful year of the National Bible Bee.  42 of the 300 Finalists are on Memverse.  We want to congratulate all of them for making it this far and for their work in Nashville.  Our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS go to:


Seniors: Christian Alexander, Josiah DeGraaf, Laura Hedstrom, Grace Mieczkowski, Marie Morris, Bethany Pentimone, Alex Watt, Abigail Brigham, Olivia Guillard, Rachel Eaton, Prasanth Venigalla, Nina Camillone, Darcy Arnall, Stephanie Hills, Elizabeth Ledford, Angela McCain, Melody Mieczkowski, Thomas Youngman, Matthew Staley, Seth Walley, Seth Lehman, Elanee Smythe = 22 finalists


Juniors: Nicolas Alexander, Zachary Baas, Hannah Del Toro, Clara Kho, Matthew Minica, Courtney Minica, Carissa Pentimone, Hannah Teeters, Kaitlyn Vredevoogd, Emily Brigham, Ben Watt, Allison Couch, Abigail Sutton, Alethea Leonard, Kerestel Leonard, Monica Duitsman, Hannah Leary; Joshua Bontrager = 18 finalists


Primary: Kara Buckner; Abigail Lehman = 2 finalists


Among the 45 to advance to Friday's "sudden death" competition were Memverse members: Olivia Guillard, Rachel Eaton, Laura Hedstrom, Matthew Staley, Hannah Leary, Joshua Bontrager, Abigail Lehman and Kara Buckner.  Out of these, Hannah, Laura, Abigail and Joshua were among the 17 to advance to Saturday's competition, and Laura Hedstrom was awarded 3rd place in the senior division!!!


I very much enjoyed taking in the competition, hearing the Scripture getting quoted and dreaming big God-size dreams of how He might use His Word in your lives.  I also enjoyed meeting many of you in person for the first time.  It is neat to see the impact the National Bible Bee has had on so many families.  I hope many of you will be able to join again in 2012 and I also hope to have similar events someday in the Philippines, Indonesia and in other countries around the world.




We at Memverse are thankful for the milestone we reached on Oct. 19th, 2011.  Memverse began February 28th, 2009.In the past 31 months, countless people have been blessed by the encouragement, inspiration, accountability and helps it provides in memorizing God's precious Word.  Oct 19th, we passed the 100,000 verses milestone.  A great feature of Memverse is to be able to see the current total at all times on the home page.  In prime memverse memorizing time around 8:00 - 9:00am EST, you can often see the live total increasing before your eyes. 


On the home page, you can see highlights people reach under the heading "Recently on Memverse"  Did you know that the title is also a link? That's right.If you click on "Recently on Memverse" it shows you the exact verses that have been memorized and when they were memorized. What an encouragement this has often been to me when I see my friends and people I don't know actively memorizing Scripture I love.


Extra Motivation: As awesome and thrilling as memorizing Scripture can be, at times it can also be challenging in our instant gratification, physical world to stay focused on the eternal, spiritual benefits of getting to know Almighty God deeper through His Word.  We at Memverse are thankful for our friend Jim Woychuk of Scripture Memory Fellowship adding an extra incentive while also feeding our souls with Godly wisdom and truth.  SMF is offering to send a free book to everyone who memorizes at least 200 verses on memverse, and will give a free scholarship week of Scripture memory camp to 5 memverse users each year who have memorized at least 500 verses.We praise God for SMF partnering with us in this way. We encourage you to learn more about Scripture Memory Fellowship (Formerly BMA - Bible Memory Association founded by Dr. N.A. Woychuk) through their website.
Memverse is thankful for a new partnership with Julie Alvarez of who runs monthly contests exclusively for Memverse members, runs open contests that Memverse members have enjoyed participating in, and offers discounts for Memverse members who order Scripture Stickies to help memorize and/or share with friends.  You can learn all the details through her blog page 
We are thankful that John Tice and his friends at have worked with us so that Memverse now has our very own page on their site.  You can let me know what passage you want to work on in what translation and I can put it up for you to work on using their games.  Currently available at are:


KJV  GENESIS 1; PSALM 119:1-16, 17-32; ROMANS 12: TITUS 2; 1 PETER 1; 2;


NKJ  EXODUS 20:1-17; ISAIAH 53; ROMANS 8:1-6


ESV  PSALM 33; 56:3-4; 67; 2 TIMOTHY 4:1-8


NASB  EXODUS 20:1-17; JOSHUA 11:23; COLOSSIANS 1; 2; 1 PETER 1:1-12


1984 NIV  JOB 23:8-12; PSALM 23; 33:1-22; 34:4-19; 119:1-40; ISAIAH 53:1-12; MATTHEW 5:1-12; JOHN 15:5-8; ROMANS 2:1-10; GALATIANS 2:20; HEBREWS 11:1-7; 8-19; 20-30;


Please let me know if you have a passage you would like to see made available to play

As always, we would love to hear from you.What would you like to see in a future Memverse newsletter?  What do you like most about Memverse?  Do you have any ideas that could make Memverse even better?  Do you have any creative ideas for letting others know about the encouragement, inspiration, and help they can find on Memverse?
May God richly bless you as you get to know Him better and better through His Word.
We wish you all a wonderful THANKSGIVING with your friends and family,
In Christ, Phil Walker


PS  For any who have not yet heard, please use your email address rather than your previous username to access memverse. 

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A Monthly Memverse Newsletter

Time Posted on May 02, 2010 User Andy Comment 5 comments

We had always hoped to find time to write a monthly newsletter which would cover new developments on Memverse, scripture memorization tips, and encouragement to keep going when the world calls. As it turns out, adding new features to the website, fixing bugs, and keeping up with our own memorizing has meant that the last newsletter was almost a year ago. Fortunately, Phil Walker has kindly volunteered to write one for us. We might still send out an occasional newsletter (don't hold your breath) but we recommend that you subscribe to Phil's. I know many people have been blessed by his encouragement in the past.

It's easy to sign up. Just enter your email address into the box below and click 'subscribe'. There is also a subscription link on the Contact page.

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