Add Entire Chapters

Time Posted on June 27, 2010 User Andy

We have finally released one of the most requested features: the ability to add entire chapters. Whenever you enter a verse, Memverse will now check whether the entire chapter is in the database and will give you the option to add it all at once.

We definitely recommend using this with caution. It can be very useful when you're adding chapters that you've already memorized. But if you're starting from scratch on a lengthy chapter, you will probably have more success if you take it a verse or two at a time and only add new verses as you memorize the prior ones.

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4 responses to Add Entire Chapters

Dakota Lynch


Rebecca King

Yes, I agree! that is wonderful to have that feature added - thank you so much :-)


sweet! thats awsome! i will totally be using that! but dosent the chapter have to be used previously to be able to add it? am i missig somthing? lol


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