Getting your Reminder Emails

Time Posted on February 01, 2010 User Andy

We are having endless problems with both the account activation emails and the reminder emails not getting delivered because they are often classified as junk email. To make sure that you get your reminder email, please add '' to your email address book. This should work for most email service providers but if you have a different method of white-listing email domains then you should follow that procedure as well.

Even if you are receiving your reminder emails it would be a big help if you could add our address to your address book as it will improve our email reputation.

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2 responses to Getting your Reminder Emails


If you get on everyday to do your verses will you get sent a reminder? Or is it only whe you miss a day.
And for the picture ( I know to change it you have to go to gravatar) But will your picture change if you don't use gravatar as you move up levels?

Alex Watt

Jamie - If your account settings are like most (see Profile under the Account tab), then it is every day only if you miss a day. And no, the picture does not change as you move up the levels. We actually generate your picture through Gravatar - first it checks if your email address already has a picture uploaded on their site, otherwise it generates a "wavatar". :) If another site uses Gravatar and "wavatars" when you haven't chosen an image, you will have the same image you have on Memverse.