John Piper Recites Philippians

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Lee Jinks

I am working on Romans in the NASB translation. I wanted a modern English version for those who would listen to me recite the book, so they may better understand the message. But I wanted a version that holds close to the original text for my personal edification. I'd like to know opinions of which translations would be best for quoting long passages of the Bible. I believe 2Ti 3:16 in that "All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching" so the translation isn't critical. I chose the NASB after three years of research and anguish, but I also believe the KJV is beautiful and poetic. I'd just like some opinions on this subject.


Wow, Lee! That's awesome! I'm working on Romans too, in the NIV translation. I can't say I put as much thought into choice of version, though--I have memorized in the NASB in the past, but my family definitely prefers the NIV so that's why I use it. Also, it IS a very widely used translation. So neat that you're memorizing Romans too! :)

Phil Walker

Reinarox, Hi. It looks like we have at least three things in common: A love of ROMANS, the NIV as our memorizing choice, and the Bible Bee. I can't wait for them to give out the new 2010 Bible Bee Scripture! Are you a participant or a parent? I am actually neither, but simply a Scripture memory enthusiast who loves the idea and expects, Lord willing, to run Bible Bee Scripture memory camps around the country again this summer.


I am a participant--I'll be in the Senior division this year. I'm psyched for the new materials to come out. Actually, deciding to memorize Romans this school year was partially a strategic decision because there ARE going to be verses from Romans. Period. No doubt about it. The question is: how many? We'll see. :D
Actually, you were the one who drew me to this site... an email you sent sometime in November, I believe. It's been very helpful--I add a couple Bible Bee verses whenever I don't feel like I've got enought to do. So far I've got about half on here.

Phil Walker

Very cool that you are doing some memorizing in the "off season". So, maybe you have some tips for me. What can I do to let other Bible Bee people know how great memverse, or more importantly, Scripture itself is. Yes, I agree with you. I would be shocked if ROMANS did not have the highest % of it's verses picked as Bible Bee verses. Smart choice. I am in Hannibal, MO. Can I ask where you are at?


Well, for me the emails were very helpful--in the end, I didn't use many of the resources a TON, but it was good to know that they're out there. I think that when it came down to it, though, the contest was an absolutely AMAZING way to get kids like me in the Word. Once we're in--well, the word of God is living and active. Plus, memorization is not only good by itself, it's also a great study technique, I found. Go figure. So I essentially had to get the meaning to some extent. I think the contest was also good because almost everyone wants to do well in a contest. I know I do--"comptetitive" is an understatement. :)
I am in Maine, outside of Portland.
Oh, and I want to make sure you don't take me wrong about Romans. The #2 reason is BB, if that. The #1 reason is that Romans is possibly THE most quoted book in the New Testament. It's indespensable to doctrine... and as I memorize, I realize more and more where exactly the doctrine of the faith is coming from. It's awesome. :D


I have never listened to any one recite before. This was amazing to me. I would love to see more of this.


Lee, I will keep an eye out for some more videos like this. It's definitely inspiring. Of course, I would love to post videos of Memverse users reciting a chapter or section that they've memorized. I'm planning to have a much nicer user page at some point and I'd love to have a link to a video of each person reciting something they've memorized.

John Henderson

It is nice to see some of you are working on the book of Romans. I am also working on it. How far are you on it? (Lee and Reinarox)I have been looking for some method of review to help me with retention for a long time, most of my family and friends grow weary of listening after 1 chapter; any ideas from the group would be appreciated. How do you all work on retention? Currently I am working on chapter 7.

John H.


Hmmm... I see your problem. My family often does as well. I do have a couple things you might find helpful. You can try writing or typing the section you're reviewing, then checking it against a Bible. Unless you type or write really fast, it takes a while to do long passages, but it does work.
Also, I've found that it's helpful to recruit other memorizers. If you have friends who are also memorizing longer sections, they'd probably be willing to listen to you if you would listen to them.
I just finished chapter 8 this morning and started 9. I'm hoping to get through the book by the end of April... at this point, I don't think that's happening. But hey, it's worth a shot. :)


John - this is a feature for the future but I'm hoping one day to be able to let people recite a passage out loud and it will show you your errors as you go. Voice recognition is gradually getting to the point where we'll be able to recite quickly and get immediate feedback.

In fact, if you're using Windows 7 or Vista you can try it out on a verse by verse basis using the voice recognition system that is built into the operating system. It was quite frustrating for me because of my accent but it has definitely come a long way.


ok, let me see if I understand.... if i do a little searching on my computer and find it, I can speak into a mic and it will type the words into the little scripture box for me??? Is that what you're saying??? WOW!! That WOULD be cool!!! :) Though I do find the added input of fingers typing the words is helping me to memorize.


Laurel - yes, if you're using Windows 7 or Vista you can search for "Windows speech recognition" and you'll find it. You're supposed to use a microphone that you position in front of you but I've tried it with a good quality webcam and it worked ok. I broke my elbow once and had to use it at work for weeks. It requires a bit of a time commitment because it has to learn your voice. But I imagine that if you use it for Memverse it will start to know bible vocabulary pretty quickly!

John Henderson

Thanks for the input and ideas that you all have. It is important for me to be able to recall clearly what I have already memorized. The problem that I am having is finding enough time to go through each verse consistently enough, so that it wont fade from my memory. Andy, is there any way that you could give an option to review the verse more frequently than 3 months? I know that you have already reduced it, but I would find it a great benefit to me to have it down to about a bi-weekly interval. Can this be added?

Great work on the site.
John H


John - I've added an option to set the maximum interval to one month. I can't make it any lower because then it will never classify verses as memorized.

There are a couple of changes you can make if you find that you're not retaining the verses you're memorizing:

1. Rate yourself slightly lower during the main memorization sequence. If in any doubt, drop down one level.
2. The 'Practice' tab will allow you to run through all your verses every day if you want. We don't recommend that but some people seem to like it.

We're planning to add a 'Memorization Test' which will give you ten of your memorized verses to enter without any aid. Hopefully this will help guide people as to whether they're scoring themselves too high or low on the memorization test.

Kyle Brannen

That's really cool


Is there anything like Microsoft Speech Recognition for mac?

Marie Morris

I would love to watch this but the video says "account disabled"
Is there something on my end that I need to fix?

Josiah DeGraaf

I can't see it either, Marie. It looks like it's been at least temporarily removed from youtube.

Christiana Di Lorenzo

I can't see it either Josiah.