Mnew Mnemonics for Memorization

Time Posted on February 16, 2010 User Andy

If you're working on memorizing some new Bible verses you'll notice that the memorization flash card now has the first letter of each word on the flipcard. This should help jog your memory in those early stages of memorization. I haven't ever used them before but have read in various places that people find them very helpful. They will currently only show up for memory verses with a repetition interval less than a week. We might adjust this in future based on everyone's feedback but it seemed better to not get too dependent on them.

Feel free to leave feedback in the comments or, if you prefer, click through to our main feedback website. Incidentally, the little black tab on the right (labeled 'Feedback') can be used for reporting bugs, submitting new ideas, commenting on features - pretty much anything that doesn't already have a blog post. You can also go there to vote on new features that you'd like to see on Memverse.

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12 responses to Mnew Mnemonics for Memorization

Lee Jinks

I love the new first letter feature! If I have the verse, I don't have to look at it, but if all I need is a small help, I don't have to reveal the whole verse just to get me started. It's great! THANKS

Hope Aderman

I really like this! I've been using a paper "prompterizer" as we call them at our house, but it is so much more convenient to have it right there on the computer. I wonder if there is a way to make it optional for other verses as well, sometimes you just need that first letter and you can go with the verse. Thanks so much for adding this!

Phil Walker

Wow, is today a record for the number of different people joining in on the blog? It's great to hear/see so many voices all loving Scripture and this website. I have been singing the praises of this new prompterizing feature on the "Feedback" option (the little black box on the right side of my screen), but thought I would join in here as well. Simply put, "I LOVE IT"!!! Thanks, Andy.


You can now pick from three setting for the Memverse Mnemonic Prompterizer:

1. Always
2. Never
3. Learning -- this will only turn on the first letter prompts when you're learning a new verse.

You can set this (and a few new settings) on the profile page.


I have used the first letter as a learning device for years, and find it really helpful. I think it is the most helpful when the punctuation is included: the brain can make more sense out if it, and there is a more memorable pattern.


Sylvia - let me check whether I can retain the punctuation. That might be a fairly easy change.


I agree with the punctuation being helpful, because then you can find your place when you need help. I am 10 years old, and my mom and sisters and I do Memverse every day. My dad is starting to work on it too.

Cherry Blossom

I memorize my verses like this and then come to memverse to test it out. I love this feature!


Thanks, Andy, for getting the punctuation in--but it's not all there yet! Where are the :'s and the -'s ? There's lots of :'s in King James!


The :'s will be coming soon :)

The dashes might take a little longer.

Kyle Brannen

i just saw it. it helps a LOT


I love the 'prompterizing' approach. Thank you Andy, for adding it & thank you to Phil who first showed us it.