New Filtering and Search Features

Time Posted on March 18, 2011 User Andy

We recently released a few new features on Memverse. We're doing our best to maintain a simple look and feel so you might not have noticed some of them.

Print or Display Selected Memory Verses 

At the bottom of the "My Verses" page you now have the option to either print (by creating an Adobe PDF) or display memory verses that you have selected using the checkboxes in the first column. This is very useful if you have similar memory passages that you'd like to print for comparison. It's also helpful if you only need to print some of your newer verses.

Filter Your Memory Verses

I really like this new feature on the "My Verses" page. There is a small magnifying glass on the right of the browser window. Click on it and a box will open which allows you to filter your memory verses by any of the columns on the page. For instance, if you type in a tag name, it will show you all your memory verses with that tag. Type in a date and it will show you all the verses for that date. Type in 'Learning' and it will show you all the verses that are still classified as 'Learning'.

Search the Blog

You might have noticed the new "Blog Search" page. It's still in its early form but you can now search the blog. This is the first step in a broader effort to implement a global search option on Memverse. For those of you who are interested, we are now running our own Sphinx search server. Hopefully, in the future you will be able to search for verses by phrase. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments on your experience with the search tool. There are thousands of configuration options.

Finally, we are aware of some of the issues with the QuickMem page. Thanks to those of you who have helped with the debugging. We're hoping to get them resolved as soon as possible. The software that we released today will clear up some, but probably not all of the issues. If you haven't done so already, upgrade your browser to the latest version. Every update gives you better performance at no cost.

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7 responses to New Filtering and Search Features


Thank you so much for all the work you do behind the scenes in creating this tool for us to use. We appreciate it. Thanks for being a blessing!

Natalie Wye

These new features are great, I especially like the verse filtering one. And as Amy said, all the effort you put into this is so appreciated. Thanks heaps!

K Vredevoogd

Thank you for all the work you do to maintain Memverse. Another thing that would be helpful is maybe you could post a chart somewhere showing what verses are in what categories (such as history prophecy etc.) That would just make things easier when working on completing levels.


Hi, Kaitlyn -

Hover on "Profile" and click "Dashboard". At the bottom right of the page it should show "Verse Distribution". This should be it.


K Vredevoogd

Thanks Zachary, but I meant a chart of which books of the Bible are in what categories. Such as where is the divider between the history and wisdom section and what books are in each.



History: Genesis - Esther
Wisdom: Job - Song of Songs
Prophecy: Isaiah - Malachi
Gospels: Matthew - John
Epistles: Acts - Revelation

I think Revelation is currently incorrectly classified (should be in 'Prophecy') but we'll get that fixed when we have some time.

K Vredevoogd

Thank you.