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Time Posted on February 17, 2010 User Andy

There are a few new settings on the Profile page.

Maximum Verse Interval

In the past, the maximum interval between repetitions was 365 days. If you feel that this was too long, you can now set the maximum interval to be as short as three months. On that setting, you will repeat every verse at least 4 times a year, no matter how well you know it.

Memverse Mnemonic Prompterizer

There are three settings for the 1st letter prompts on the flash card:

  1. Always
  2. Never
  3. Learning -- this setting will only turn on prompts for new verses that you are learning. This is the default setting.

US State

If your country is "United States" you can now pick your state. And yes, there could well be a State leaderboard one day ;)

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11 responses to New Profile Settings


"Yea!" for being able to set the maximum interval! Could it be so we can do it for individual verses?


Sylvia - I will add it to the (very long) feature list but that's actually quite a big change so it might be a while.


The US state leaderboard is now up and running. Make sure you add your state to your profile page.

Kyle Brannen



Yay! State leaderboard! Now all I need is two more people from my state... :D


Don't worry, Reinarox - there are still lots of people who still have to enter their state. But the more you have the better.

Hopefully I'll soon have a flyer that people can print out and post up at their church. (If anyone is great (or even average) at design and wants to make one I'll use that. It would be great to have a letter-sized PDF that people can print at home and would look good either in color or black/white)

Jason Wilson

Andy, I have changed my profile settings to 3 months, but some next test dates are still close to a year away. Is there any way I can fix this?


Jason - the interval will be adjusted the next time those verses come up. All your verses that have high intervals are in passages that will pop up within the next couple of months and they'll be updated at that point.

I'm still thinking whether it's worth updating all the max intervals every time someone changes the setting.

Jason Wilson

I like the first letter prompt, but how long will it remain on the flashcard?


Jason - it will stay on the flash card until the interval is more than a week if you have the option set to "Learning". Using the "Learning" option is basically just to help get you off the ground.


On the profile when it says church/organization what should I put for that? Should I put my church or Bible Bee since I'm doing the Bible Bee?