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Time Posted on March 24, 2011 User Andy

We've added a new page (under the 'Home' tab) which allows you to search for memory verses. It only searches bible verses that have already been entered in Memverse by another user so if you don't find a verse you're looking for it's probably because it hasn't yet been entered. If you would like to restrict the search results to a single translation, just add your bible translation. For instance, search for "In the beginning NIV" and the search will return only NIV versions of Genesis 1 (plus a whole host of other verses that include the word 'beginning').

This is also a quick way to add verses if you can already remember a fragment of the verse you're looking for.

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6 responses to Search for Memory Verses

Alex Watt

Thanks, Andy! This is great. :) I'm amazed at how fast the search is as well.


Yes - I was also surprised that it was so quick!


Thank you, Andy! I also noticed the new one under the Blog tab!

Dakota Lynch

Wow, thanks Andy!


Andy, it just gets better and better!! And I already thought it was good the very first day I used it!!! :) Praise God.

Constance Keating