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Time Posted on April 24, 2010 User Phil Walker

Hi.  Do you have friends or family who would love to memorize Scripture on memverse or possibly even with you if they were invited?  Can you think of a group of people who would be thrilled to use memverse if they only heard about it and saw how well it works? 

The first time Andy told me about memverse, I was distracted with other things and never really gave memverse a try.  Then 7 months later this past November, someone I don't know who joined our "Memorize 1st Timothy" group told me how much she loved memverse and how it really helped her memorize.  I decided to give memverse a 2nd look and the rest is history!  Lord willing, I expect to be involved with memverse more and more each day until He calls me home.  Never underestimate the potential value of spreading the word or a single testimony.  As we are experiencing a little dip in memverse members, I would like to call those of you who love it to consider spreading the word and inviting others.  Maybe you can even dream and pray about entire groups to join memverse.

One of my main burdens is to see memverse and God's Word come alive on the college campuses.  Right now we have 0 colleges listed.  I would love to see hundreds, with thousands of verses associated with each one as students in the prime of their intellectual curiosity and idealistic passion interact with the truth most worth discussing, thinking, and dreaming about!!  Do you know a college student who you can inspire, encourage, and/or equip to memorize Scripture and possibly join us on memverse?

Another burden I have is for missionary families.  Having grown up on the mission field in Indonesia, I saw a lot of authentic Christian faith happening all around me.  I also had a respect for the Bible.  However, I never was encouraged to memorize much.  I would love to see missionary families around the world get invited to use memverse both as a family tool and posssibly even as an outreach tool with the people they are working with.  Do you know of missionaries who have not yet heard of memverse?

What people group has God given you a burden for that I can join you in praying for and dreaming about reaching?

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Dakota Lynch

I have been letting people know about Memverse every chance I get. I even posted about it on my blog recently. My entire family has now joined (4 people, counting myself), and I am anxious to see how God uses Scripture memory to bless our family.


I was wondering if there could be a "church" affiliation for those of us who have no church home at this present time in our walk? It seems like there are a few who have come up with something to identify with, but maybe we could all choose the same thing and thereby feel like we belong somewhere? I have seen "one church" and "christian" for at least two that I assume are because they don't have a fellowship right now. Ideas?


Thanks to everyone who has posted links to Memverse on their blogs and websites. That has been a tremendous help in spreading the word and has helped reduce our advertising costs over time.


ive e-mailed all my friends about memverse! one of them actually likes it!

Phil Walker

Naomi and Dakota, thanks for spreading the word about memverse. Great to hear that one of your friends actually likes it. Is his name "Mikey" by any chance?

I was thrilled to see the giant jump in number of total verses memorized today (even as we suffered a small dip in # of) active users.

Andy, is today's jump a record??

Maybe, when you don't have 5,000 other things on your plate, if it wouldn't be too hard, you could set up a "Top 10 Days in Memverse history" for jump in total verses, jump in active users, # of people using memverse that day, and I could give you the stats for the top 10 days for # of people who signed up for the monthly memverse newsletter.


I will second the notion that it was not 'love at first sight' when I first signed on to MemVerse. But now that I have given it a chance, I do really enjoy it! I am eager to get my kids' accounts and start loading up some BibleBee verses after June 1st. I know it will be a really fun tool! Blessings to all who come here! May God's word dwell in our hearts, as well as be lived out in our lives. Amen!!

Phil Walker

Hi. It's been great reading everyone's thoughts on their favorite part of memverse. Now how can we get the word out so that others will also discover how great memverse is and be inspired and encouraged in getting to know God better and better through Scripture Memory. I was just about to start a new blog about "Spreading the Word about Memverse" when I saw the blog has already been started. I would love your ideas!! How are you spreading the word to others? Do you have creative ideas you could share with others? Have you tried starting a Scripture Memory group in your local church? Can we get memverse represented in all 50 states and at least 50 countries?


My friend told me about this - how she uses it to help her in Bible Bee so I told my mom about it and she was like, "Yeah, Daniel Staddon had it in his book or something..." I said, "Really? I didn't know about it until Josie told me! Can I sign up and stuff?" and she told me I could. I can't wait until it says I have memorized a lot of verses because actually I use it to review the verses I've memorized for BB. :)


lots of people are doing memverse in my church

Phil Walker

Thanks for checking in with the good report Dubstep. Where is your church?


lots of people from my local bible bee are on meverse :)

Oluremi Jewola Ogunde

I teach in our children's church twice a month or so and I plug MemVerse .com every chance I get to about 100 boys and girls in our 8-9 year old class. Great tool and place to learn here - and to hide God's precious holy word in our hearts and grow in faith and in hope and in love for God and our fellow human beings. I hope many of the children (and their parents and teachers and the wider community) join soon.

I also put links on my FaceBook wall and on friends' walls.

Is there a YouTube video showing MemVerse's features? I ask because I've never been able to see the video tutorial (it doesn't load for me!) - it would be a great tool to spread the news!



Oluremi Jewola Ogunde

Thanks for the YouTube video links Arthur! The Lord added three people from church to our group over the weekend. They liked the site and are all keen to get started, glory glory be to our God, Hallelujah!

Arthur Rosh

Great job! Keep up the good work!