Two new features

Time Posted on May 31, 2011 User Andy

There are two new features that you might not have noticed with all the changes on Memverse:

  1. Accuracy test results - at the end of the accuracy test the final results page will now show you the difference betweeen what you entered and the actual memory verse text. It shows every difference so even minor differences that wouldn't result in you getting the question wrong (e.g. incorrect capitalization, omitting dashes) are shown.
  2. Reset your schedule - if you've ever gone on vacation you'll know that returning to hundreds of overdue verses can be quite daunting! On the home page, on the 'Memverse Today' tab, you can now reset your schedule. Anytime you have too many overdue verses you will be given the option to re-allocate those verses over the following few memorization sessions. This is for those of you who, like me, prefer to have a sense of completion each day as you gaze fondly at your progress chart.

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13 responses to Two new features

Dakota Lynch

Awesome. I'll definitely be using both of these!

Josiah DeGraaf

Yes! I'm looking forward to being able to use the reset your schedule button after I've been behind for a while...


WOW, Andy!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

K Vredevoogd

Thank you to everyone who works so hard to make Memverse to be the best it can be. I really appreciate it.


The schedule one - I have checked this twice and have not seen it.

Alex Watt

Zachary - I haven't seen it either because it only shows when you get several days of verses piled up for review. Glad that hasn't happened to you yet. :)


That's correct. I can't remember the exact formula but I think it will offer you the option to reset your schedule when your number of overdue verses is 4 times your expected daily time allocation. There will be a blog post coming soon.

Matthew Devine

Thank's! Has made me feel less overwhelmed by all the verse's I am behind on. Good feature.

Rebecca King

I'm behind on keeping up with the blog so I just saw this - thank you so much Andy for all the time you plow into Memverse. You are going to have rewards in heaven for all your work helping us learn God's word. Also I want to compliment you for how lightning fast memverse is now! It keeps up with me as fast as I type even here in Kenya where my internet connection is not very fast.


Thanks ByHisGrace - we've been working on some performance improvements over the last few weeks so it's good to hear that they're noticeable. The feedback part of Memverse no longer has to check in with our server in California every half second so it should work much better internationally.

Matthew Minica

I have a problem. When I reset my verses today, it reset the ones with pending status too, so that I cannot quiz but two verses today (unless I delete and re-add those verses I want to quiz). Namely, it set the pending verses' Next Test date into the future, even though they are pending. Can you somehow fix the resetter so that it does not affect the pending verses that way? Thanks!



You're right, Matthew. We will get that fixed.

Ruth Watson

#2 Sounds like a really good "new feature"! thanks! (I am going camping this weekend)