Understanding the Interval

Time Posted on April 07, 2010 User Andy

People often ask how long it will be before a verse is classified as 'Memorized'. That's a valid question since it is, after all, the purpose of the Memverse.

Recall that a verse is classified as memorized once the interval has grown to more than 30 days. Let's look at two cases:

1. Starting a verse you have already memorized

Assuming you enter a verse that you already know perfectly. You start on January 1st, 2010 and every time the memory verse comes up for review you select option 5 because you can recall the verse perfectly without any hesitation. The interval will change as follows:

Date Interval
January 1st 4
January 5th 8
January 13th 16
January 29th



By the end of January, the memory verse will be classified as 'Memorized'

2. Starting a new, difficult memory verse

Now let's consider the case where you start a brand new memory verse on January 1st, 2010 that is difficult to memorize (Ephesians 1 is a good place to look for such verses). Each time the memory verse comes up for review, you select option 3 because you are struggling to remember the verse. You are able to recall it without flipping over the flashcard but there is plenty of erasing and reliance on the feedback. In that case, the interval will change as follows:

Date Interval
January 1st 4
January 5th 6
January 11th 8
January 19th 10
January 29th 12
February 10th 14
February 24th 17
March 13th 20
April 2nd 24
April 26th 29
May 25th 35

As you can see, the option you select makes a big difference to the time it takes to get a Bible verse memorized. Don't be tempted to select option 5 when you don't know the verse perfectly as you will later find that you can't recall the verse because the interval grows too quickly and you can't retain the verse over such a long period. These days I make frequent use of button 3 because that way I know it will be cemented in my memory. In most cases, you will find that it will take somewhere between a month and three months before a verse is classified as 'Memorized' since you will use a combination of the buttons based on your recall.

This is also why it's good to keep a 'pipeline' of verse that you're working on. Use the time commitment that is reported at the end of your memorization session as a guideline for when you should add more verses.

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18 responses to Understanding the Interval

Neil Warner

argh. my pipeline is too big. :)
I hope it will be to God's glory. I liked the article from which I got - you can memorize without meditating on the scriptures - but it's hard.

ie you probably will go deeper with God. :)

Rebecca King

Thank you for this explanation - I've been wondering :-)


thanks! this explaination was very helpful.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Thanks so much for explaining this...I was about to ask about this in the Feedback :)


This explanation helps so much. Sometimes it gets a little discouraging when you know there are verses you have memorized prior to Memverse, but it says your still learning it. Patience is definitely going to be something learned here :) But as long as it's for the glory of God, I'm willing wait. :D


How large dose the interval have to before you memorize a verse

Alex Watt

Abigail - Greater than 30 days.

Servants of I AM [humilis]

thanks for the info. just got the confirmation of first verse memorized out of 92.

Leah Jessie

Humilis Rodrigues - Are you a missionary to India?


Thank you for the charts. I am a very visual learner and understand better and faster with the charts. I will relax now as I enjoy the journey on the road to MEMORIZED.

char fenske

This helps a lot. I was wondering about it.

Benjamin Ludwig


Larry Davis

I have noticed that if I'm memorizing an entire chapter, the first verse in the chapter always takes much longer to show as memorized, and it will come up much more frequently for review, even if I mark that verse as a 5 each time it comes up. For example, I am working on the entire Sermon on the Mount, and I have most of it memorized. However, Matt 5:1, Matt 6:1 and Matt 7:1 are not showing as memorized even though I know them perfectly. Any ideas or anyone else who has encountered this issue?

George Crow

Larry, I was just about to post that same question. One of my verses, for example, is at difficulty 2.2 and, like you, I rate it a 5 every time I enter it to get to the later verses. But it seems like until it comes up specifically for review, memverse won't give me 'credit'. Thanks for posting this!


thanks for the explanation!!!

The Lajuwomi Kids

This was very helpful! Thank you!


Larry and George I understand that problem completely. I have Isaiah 53:1-3 memorized but those verses are still not marked as memorized. I wish that there was a special test you could take if you think you have the verse memorized. That way it can be marked as memorized early and you can focus on other verses and not the verse which is already memorized; Although I still would like review from the memorized verses every once in a while so I don't lose my ability to remember them.


So does this mean that if I write out my verses in the 'chapter review' section everyday, because I am reviewing them everyday (even though I score them 5 everyday) that the interval will never grow? Does this mean that if I want to have a verse classified as memorized that I shouldn't review it everyday?