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Time Posted on April 14, 2015 User Andy

One of our users, Kayle Hinkle, has created an app for those of you who use Windows Phone 8.1. It has a few limitations but I imagine Kayle is going to keep adding functionality with future releases.

The app will download your existing verses when you first login and will synchronize your progress with Memverse. At the moment it doesn't automatically synchronize new verses that you add/delete on the main website.

This is a great tool for those of you who want to memorize on the go!

Try it out and give us feedback.


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7 responses to Windows Phone App

Bethany Meckle

Awesome! Thanks, Kayle and Alex! I don't use a Windows phone, but I know it'll be nice for those who do.

James C.

We don't have a Windows phone, but I was wondering if you could either make an app or if the app would work for an Iphone??


Do you know if anyone has or is making an iPad or iPhone app for this?

Christian Alexander

I know that time is very precious and expertise is limited, so I don't expect this any time in the near future, but an Amazon app would be pretty awesome as well. =]


@Tom Swift It certainly won't work on iOS, Android, etc., but Andy mentioned recently on GetSatisfaction that he's excited about the idea of an Android app.

Wayne Stephan

I have a windows phone, thank you so much for this!


We have created an iPhone app and it is currently waiting for approval from Apple. I'm hoping it will be in the app store in a week or so.