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Singing God's Word

Time Posted on October 08, 2017 User Phil Walker Comment 14 comments

Edited Oct 27th to include the NEW USA RECORD of 133 by Pam Banks True and the contest for English Scripture songs with guaranteed prizes of $50 - $500 for the top 25 finishers.

Does anyone use Scripture songs for memorizing? Or perhaps you remember some Scripture songs from when you were young that you would like to refresh.  We are documenting everyone who can sing 10 or more verses in English or Indonesian and everyone who can sing at least one verse in any other language. We would love for you to join us!! We would love to receive your video or live singing of Scripture songs, whether you just enjoy Scripture songs casually, or you want to push yourself to rank high nationally or worldwide. You give give us a link to your video here or email or put the video on Facebook at our group or page "Singing the Bible Worldwide". You can also sing live at the Setia Bible school in Jakarta or by contacting Scripture Memory Fellowship at their Dallas headquarters or at SMF events throughout the country.

This program is meant to encourage and inspire all ages and all abilities. There are no legalistic requirements. Those who wish may sing Scripture songs looking at texts or getting help or with friends or anyway they want. General guidelines for those who would like to follow are: No texts or help other than looking at a list of references. Here is an example of Bende, who holds 2nd place silver among Indonesians who can sing the most verses in English.  

We are holding a contest for those who can sing the most verses in English Scripture Memory songs. The expected final date is April 28th, 2018 or possibly as late as July 7th, 2018.  Guaranteed minimum prizes: (these may go up, especially in regards to number of cash prizes given if sponsors get involved, but we are committed to the top prize not going above $1,000.)  1st place = $500; 2nd place = $300; 3rd place = $200; 4th - 10th place = $100; 11th - 25th = $50; top 5 where English is not your mother tongue = $40; next 5 = $30; top 5 Asians living in Asia = $25; next 5 = $20; Top 10 Indonesians living in Indonesia = 200,000 rupiahs; next 10 = 150,000 rupiahs; 3rd 10 = 100,000. Each person can only win one cash prize and will receive the highest ammount he/she qualifies for.  We are hoping many other non-cash prizes will also be given out either at local Scripture song events, or possibly sent in the mail by sponsors.

More details, including how to participate and how to host a local event where people can participate (both free) are coming soon as its own Blog post, on the Forum, and on Facebook.  

The WORLD RECORD Book (as we know it. We are sure there are people who have broken these records. Please let us know so we can update.) We trust there are thousands of people who could enter this record book with a little effort. May we inspire, motivate and encourage you to invest in something eternal that can bless you and countless others.

English World Record: Gold = Jacky Walker (Philippines) with 221; Silver  = Christian Juat (Philippines) with 155; Bronze = Grace Juat (Philippines) with 142

Indonesia record: Gold = Diana Ledoh from Rote with 140; Silver = Bende from Alor with 95; Bronze = Diana Lontorin from Alor with 88

USA record: Gold = Pam Banks True, a 60 year old Bible Bee grandmother from KY with 133 !! Silver = Kristy Richman from KS with 28; Bronze = Nancy Liston from GA with 28; 4th = Dakota Lynch of Scripture Memory Fellowship based in Dallas TX with 19; Bronze = Stephen Westfall from TX = 19.

Trusting many more entries coming soon.

Will you represent your country to inspire and encourage others?

Indonesian World Record: Gold = Dian (Central Sulawesi) with 633; Silver = Aniwarlina (West Nias) with 553; Bronze = Elpin (South Nias) = 450

Nias language World Record: Gold = AniWarlina  with 10; Silver = Aliran with 4

Javanese World Record: Gold = Septi with 2

What other languages have Scripture songs? We would love to document and list here anyone who can sing one or more Scripture song in any language throughout the world.

Any language or combination of languages with verses sung in more than one language counted multiple times

GRAND WORLD RECORD: Gold = Dian (Indonesia) = 720; Silver = AniWarlina (Indonesia) with 577; Bronze = Mona (Indonesia) with 511

Philippines Record: Gold = Jacky Walker with 322; Silver = Christian Juat with 155; Bronze = Grace Juat with 142

USA record: Gold = Pam Banks True, a 60 year old Bible Bee grandmother from KY with 133 !! Silver = Kristy Richman from KS with 28; Bronze = Nancy Liston from GA with 28; 4th = Dakota Lynch of Scripture Memory Fellowship based in Dallas TX with 19; Bronze = Stephen Westfall from TX = 19

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Scripture Songs for Bible Memory Verses

Time Posted on August 25, 2011 User Phil Walker Comment 39 comments

A great way to learn Bible memory verses is through Scripture songs.  This blog is to share with others Scripture songs you write and Scripture songs you find.

My favorite site for free NIV 1984 songs is from Rob and Wendy Jacobson.  My favorite songs from the site are "Do you not Know?" (ISAIAH 40:27-31) and "Do not Throw Away your Confidence" (HEBREWS 10:35-39).  I also very strongly endorse for 2-9 year olds and others who don't mind high quality, catchy kids tunes for memorizing God's awesome Word.  You can listen to samples for free and download an album for $1.99

In the KJV, a great site for free downloads is 

We would love to hear from you.  What great Scripture songs have you found or written that you can share with us?  

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