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Elijah Project Audio

Time Posted on January 04, 2012 User Alex Watt Comment 13 comments

To aid participants with their memory verses in the Elijah Project, we are posting MP3 audio files for the passages you are memorizing (1 Kings 17-19, 21; and 2 Kings 1:1-2:18). Currently, you can choose from four translations: the King James Version, the New International Version (1984), the English Standard Version, and the New King James Version. The files came from Faith Comes By Hearing and (no known copyright except for the Bible publishers), and we just edited the files to be one file for each translation. We listened to each of these and they seem error-free. (We removed a one-word error from the NIV; please note in the comments if you find any other errors.)

King James Version Download Here 14.5 MB
New International Version (1984 edition) Download Here 10.3 MB
English Standard Version Download Here 14.2 MB
New King James Version Download Here 12.3 MB

Thanks to Phil Walker for all the work he has been doing on the Elijah Project, and thanks to Ben for helping me compile the audio files.

The diligent Elijah memorizers are inspiring. Keep it up!

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