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Tagging Bible Bee Verses

Time Posted on June 01, 2011 User Andy Comment 35 comments

 I think it would be a great idea if all the Bible Bee verses were tagged in a consistent fashion. If everyone follows last year's most popular approach to tagging the Bible Bee verses that would mean we would use:

Bible Bee 2011 Level 1

Bible Bee 2011 Level 2

Bible Bee 2011 Level 3

Any thoughts?

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Reusable Tags for Your Verses

Time Posted on September 21, 2010 User Andy Comment 12 comments

You'll notice a couple of tweaks to your list of memory verses. We've removed some of the columns that weren't very useful and have added a column showing your tags. It's now easier to find memory verses that you haven't yet tagged as you work your way through the solo progression quests ;)

Also, once you click through to a given verse, you'll notice a small [+] next to the tags that other users have used. To add one of those to your own list of tags, you can now just click on the [+] and it will be added to your tag list for that verse.

We're working on cleaning up some of the tags that have typos and spelling mistakes but if you haven't checked out the tag cloud for a while, it has grown in leaps and bounds.

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Tag Your Memory Verses

Time Posted on July 01, 2010 User Andy Comment 82 comments

By popular demand we have released a beta version of tagging functionality. This means that you can now start to tag and categorize your memory verses to your heart's content.

How Tagging Works on Memverse

Everyone is able to tag their own memory verses with whatever tags they would like. Our hope is that popular tags will eventually be reflected across Memverse and will be useful for everyone, including those who couldn't be bothered to tag their own verses. Additionally, there will be Memverse tags which will be controlled by us and will eventually feed into the solo progression goals which we are working on. There is a good chance that we will be guided in our selection of those tags by what emerges from the group consensus.

To tag a verse, click on the reference in the 'My Verses' list of verses. This is currently the only way to access the tagging function but over time we will propogate it to other areas of the website. Feel free to use whatever tags you want but please try to put some thought into it and stick with broad thematic tags e.g. Redemption, Salvation, Fruit of the Spirit, etc. as those tend to be the most useful.


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