Getting Started: Deleting Verses

Time Posted on June 13, 2010 User Andy

If you would like to remove one or more verses from your list of memory verses, simply go to the "My Verses" page (under the 'Home' tab) and check the box(es) next to the verse(s) you would like to remove. At the bottom of the page, click the "Delete Selected" button to finish.

If you're getting started on memorizing scripture, don't underestimate the importance of keeping the list of verses you're working on manageable. Look at your time required and try to keep it realistic. In fact, if you're starting out, we recommend aiming for 5-10 mins per day. Yes, there are many times when memorizing the bible adds a spring to your step and you will get to the end of your list of verses and think "I wish there were more to do, let me add another 20 verses." But like any pursuit in life, there will be days (maybe even weeks) when you might not hear a choir of heavenly angels singing as you joyfully memorize your verses.

If you find that you have a day with only a few verses to review, rather take the extra time to explore some of the other areas of Memverse. Work on the reference recall section. Take the accuracy test. Read through the list of popular verses. Maybe just sit down and read the sections around your favorite memory verses (Gal 5:19-21, for instance).

We have seen many people drop out shortly after adding too many verses. If you feel as though you're falling behind, consider deleting a few verses and re-adding them later.

Finally, it's always a good idea to stop adding verses in advance of a crunch time. If you know that you're going on a long vacation, or exams are looming, or you're about to have a baby, stop adding verses about a month in advance. This will give you time to consolidate the memory verses you're working on and will enable you to stick to your routine throughout those busy periods. I failed to take my own advice before having our first baby. In fact, I took the opposite approach and actually increased my time allocation in the few months before. Despite my best intentions I've missed a few days here and there and I now find myself logging in with 120 verses due for review!

Remember, lots of small steps taken with purpose over a lifetime will get you to your destination.

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Sharon Cash

Amen to this!!! I got a little slap happy and added too many verses, I'm a LOT OCD and just could't take any out after I'd put them in, you know screwed up mentality (was I considering some mmore important than others? I didn't want to be guilty of that) anyway I also noticed I had gaps and some books that there were no verses in, so I added verses in the books I didn't have, up to Psalms..UGH, some mornings I'm on here for THREE HOURS on my english side and I have completly missed out on my spanish side :(

I think after today they will be less, I only have fourteen for this side for tomorrow. I'm going to take a break and do my spanish verses after a trip to town.

(((HUGS to ALL))) Sharon


thats simple just click remove at the end of your memory verse. i know that and it didnt take me to long to fgure out either. lol but im sure other people eeded to know that lol!


River La Belle

Andy, another suggestion from me. . . could you make up a wish list page for people who have deleted verses that they want to get back to later when they have more room? It would also be helpful for Bible Bee'ers who have to put aside personal memorization to work on that.



as a "bible bee'er" i can testify that it is hard to keep up with personal verse memorization when there are so many to do for the bible bee that is coming on so soon. especially when i have to memorize 9 verses per day for the bible bee, which so far i've been getting behind on. but life goes on, and i think i'm doing well.

good luck to all the other "bible bee'ers" out there,


wow ya that would probably be better to do other stuff than add a whole ton of verses and on a busy day be annoyed u cant finish ;)

Chuck Mellen

Thanks for including this function!! I have just started to memorize Romans 1 and had the first eight verses already "memorized" before I started memverse. I will keep this in mind if I start seeing slow or no progress.


When I started I did not add my verses as carefully as I should have thank you for giving me the delete option. I apolagize to any one else who had to deal with the verses that I added.

Kacey Conrad

Sometimes I put on wrong verses, so I'm thankful for the delete.


How do you change the version of the verse without deleting the whole verse and having to retype the verse.


At the moment, if you add the verse in the wrong translation you have to delete it and re-add it in the correct translation. Since this seems to be a common problem, we might look into adding that functionality.

Chancellor Ghafouri

thank you for putting that there i never realized that

Chancellor Ghafouri

and we need to look over our verses

Matthew Minica

I like the new checkboxes for deletion, it works a lot better than deleting them one at a time!


I had accidentally added so many versions of one verse!
but now I can delete.


When I set up my profile, I picked 8 popular verses that I have been studying, but the site won't allow me to test, because it says I need a minimum of 10 verses to be able to test. When I try to add a verse, memverse won't let me drop n drag or type. What's up with that? It doesn't appear very user friendly...or am I missing something? Also why can't I practice several times a day? 4 minutes is nothing. I said 20 minutes in my profile, but could do a lot more than that. Help!

Dakota Lynch


First of all, it's great to hear that you're jumping right in and exploring all of the great features memverse has to offer! As it seems you've already discovered, it does require a minimum of 10 memory verses if you'd like to take the accuracy test in order for the results of the test to reflect your accuracy properly. It's also worth mentioning that the Accuracy Test will only quiz you on verses classified as Memorized, so simply learning 10 verses won't do the trick.

For adding a verse, I would definitely recommend checking out memverse's tutorial video under the Learn tab above. It covers much of the basics on how to use the site, including how to add a verse.

And lastly, if you have a little extra time on your hands after each day's memorization session, I would personally recommend taking the Reference Recall test. You can take it as many times as you'd like and I have found it to be one of the most helpful features memverse has to offer.

In Christ,

Alex Watt

lwsojourner - Dakota did a good job explaining it. :)

Many people use Memverse to retain hundreds of verses and spend over 20 minutes a day reviewing. However, it has been noted that when one starts out, it is best to begin with only a few verses (eight is actually a great starting point). As the "interval" for the verses increases, you should add a few more.

As far as adding verses, you should type in a reference and wait while the "Available Translations" section populates. Then you click on the version that you want. If it is not already available (i.e. no one has memorized the verse in that translation before and therefore it is not in the database) you will need to select your translation from the drop-down and then carefully enter the verse text. Like Dakota said, the video tutorial makes learning about the site much easier.

Definitely feel free to use the comments to ask questions and share suggestions. If you are still having trouble with it not allowing you to type (which I'm not sure that I understand) then please let us know. As we are going through the pages of the site and working to make them more user friendly, we are thinking about how to improve the Add Verse page... Thanks!

Joshua Harrell

I started a few weeks ago with about 18 verses and i soon had 25 verses. I am now learning over 50 verses with 41 memorized. If there were a way to make the verses i don't want to be learning at the moment inactive, i would have many more verses added, and besides with the Bible Bee coming up i don't want to be learning too many verses and waste my time on learning non-Bible Bee verses. The delete verses feature should be helpful if too many of my current verses aren't Bible Bee verses.


Joshua - we are working on a way to classify verses as 'Pending' or 'Inactive'. It's taking a while because it touches many different parts of the website so it is tricky to implement. But we will get it done.

Joshua Harrell

Great! (By the way, that definitely wasn't original.)

That is good advice.

There is a box on the top left-hand corner of the page. It is on the green bar next to the word "verse."
What is it for?

Alex Watt

Carrie - I'm not sure I know what you mean. Maybe you are referring to the Memverse logo: a Bible with a cross on it to the left of ""?

It is the box that is above the other boxes used for deleting.

Alex Watt

Carrie - Oh, I know what you mean now! :) That is a "check all" box so that if you want to check all the boxes (whether to delete all verses, print them all, prompterize them all - or whatever) it makes the task easier. You can also use the little search icon under the Feedback tab on the My Verses page to filter verses. In this case, the check all box still selects all the verses visible on the page.




Ok, is there something I can use for getting passages because I enteered Ex. 20:1-17 (just for review - I've already memd it!) but had to do it verse by verse - is there a pplace where i can choose passages?

Dakota Lynch


At present the only similar feature memverse has is that it gives you the ability to add entire chapters if it's already in the database. Unfortunately, if you're adding less than an entire chapter you'll have to enter each verse individually.


How do we get it to add what state we are in

Phil Walker

Billy, it is under account on the profile page. If you insert USA, it will give you the option to choose a state. What place is your state currently in on the Leadership chart?

John Davis

I had too many verses so the button came in handy.

Bethany Frisk (RD)

this is helpful our family has been using the niv version but has changed to esv i had to change all of my verses to esv now i can delete my niv ones also i added genesis 1 but i accidentally added the whole chapter very handy

Teresa Davis

GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Vicki Davis


Anna Benson

How do you change your picture??

His Servant

@Anna Benson -- If you go to your profile page (hover over Account and then you will see the "Profile" page), At the bottom, there's a link to Gravatar. Click on that, make an account if you don't have one, add a picture and then you should see it in a little while. It might take a couple minutes before it shows up though. I hope this helps!

Anna Benson

Thanks Bethany!!




That was my brother. We share a user.


@Remaxbekwellah--If you want to delete that comment, just push "Edit Comment" at the bottom of the comment, delete the gibberish written there, and type in something like "[DELETED BY AUTHOR]." The moderators will erase it soon after. :)

Rebekah Eddy

Thanks for the info. :)
Thankfully, we have separate accounts now.
P.S. this was EXTREMELY hepful

Daughter of the King

Pretty simple now that you know how to do it. Thanks for this.

Claire Prinzing

Thanks sooooooo much!


thanks memeverse

Melody Placker

There is just so much I want to memorize, I can easily see myself getting a little verse crazy and finding myself overwhelmed. This was helpful.

Sheriza Bhabikhan

thanks memverse

Allan Contreras



This was very helpful,and helped me prevent future problems.Thanks! =]

HonorYourParents (Terra)

Good to know! This will be very helpful to remember… =D




Will keep this in mind. Thank you for the suggestions.

Deanna Campbell

Memverse is a wonderful tool. Thank you for starting this!

The Lajuwomi Kids

Thanks for the info!

Mike Cheney

Thanks and God bless!

Ruth Irish

I wasn't aware that there was a "delete selected" button at the bottom of the verses page. I'll need to check that out because I added waaaaaaay to many verses. Thank you so much for telling me that!


that's so handy if I get to many verses. Thanks for the info

Jeffrey Madden

In lieu of delete can't you just change the verse status from "Learning" to "pending". I suppose if you didn't want to learn the verse ever you could delete it entirely. Either way, its ALWAYS good to have a delete button.

Rosie Y Arreola

Thanks for all the comments. Just started and still learning how to us this.

Nathan Irish

Yeah I just did too.

Lydia Bruce

Thank you for this. When I first started, I added too many verses. All that did was overwhelm me, so I had to delete some. Now I'm going for one verse a day instead of a whole bunch of verses in one day and trying to work on those for a while. It's so much more manageable.

Angel J

Great stuff, thanks!


Don't think I will be deleting any verses very soon, as I am still new to memorizing verses and don't want to forget what I've already learned.


Nice info! Thanks.