Memverse 2.0

Time Posted on February 26, 2011 User Andy

Well, we couldn't hold off on upgrading the website framework any longer! You will notice a few minor changes:


One of the biggest reasons to upgrade was for a snappier, more responsive feel. You will especially notice this in the feedback you get when you are memorizing. It had always bothered me that I never knew whether the feedback had been updated (as I toggled backwards and forwards between 'Christ Jesus' and 'Jesus Christ'). For those of you on very slow connections, that should now be clearer as we've added a little icon that shows when the feedback is complete. For the rest of you, you will notice that the feedback comes much quicker now.

Social Buttons

I do not have a tremendous fondness for Facebook but they now represent a quarter of all page views on the web and are the biggest source of new users for Memverse. You will notice that the blog pages now have Facebook 'Like' buttons. Over time we will roll out social buttons on some of the other pages which will enable you to push a link directly to your Facebook news feed. It's a great way to promote Memverse. One minor thing to note for now: it's better to click through to the blog post and click the like button on the actual post page. The 'Like' button on the blog front page is just a general link to the Memverse blog. For those of you who don't eat, breathe and sleep social networking, clicking on one of these buttons will push out a news item on your Facebook page.

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14 responses to Memverse 2.0

Dakota Lynch

Wow. Thanks for all the hard work I know went into this upgrade to both Andy and Alex, and for making the memorization of God's word a more obtainable goal for everybody.

River La Belle

You made me laugh, Andy. I definitely don't "eat, breathe and sleep social networking." I feel sorry for those who do. :]

Thank you tremendously for both of your exertions on our behalf.
Come on, Andy--There's got to be some specific thing about which we can pray for you. Let us uphold you in our intercessory petitions in some particular way. =)

Pat Morris

Hello all,
I just tried the new system and it works pretty well.
I thought the feedback was a bit faster while typing.

This still amazes me that one can have such an interactive tool as this. May the Lord bless you all for your time and efforts in putting this altogether and reworking the application.

Congratulations on the transition to this new rails!

Talia "StoryMaker"

Thanks for the upgrade! Does this mean that QuickMem and regular Memorize are now identical? Because QuickMem is still there...

Anyway, it does seem a lot faster. Thanks again!

Alex Watt

Talia - No, not yet. Andy was focusing on getting the framework upgraded. But it won't be long, I'm sure. :) I am amazed at how much faster it is! Thanks again, Andy!


Sorry, this really has nothing to do with the new Memorizing page,(which I think is great!) but I can't seem to get on to my accuracy test page. It says that the page doesn't exist. What should I do?


Valarie - it looks as though the accuracy test has a problem for some people. We're working on it and it should be fixed within a day or two.

Alex Watt

See Andy's comment. :)

River La Belle

Andy, I totally can't remember where I saw it, but I vaguely remember something about an upcoming 'hit reset' button that has something to do with the progress report. Can you explain that?


I can tell a bg differance in the MemVerse 2.0, vs. the old one. And it's a good one, too!

BTW: The accuracy test worked just fine with me. But you can't do one if you have less than 10 verses classifried as memorized on MemVerse.

Rebecca King

I'm testing Memverse from Papua, Indonesia and it works pretty well! (amazingly enough!) It's incredible how this tool can work from anywhere in the world. We'll also be testing it from Nairobi, Kenya next month :-) Thanks Andy and Alex for all you have done to make Memverse easy to use from anywhere.

Joshua Harrell

I think you could have called it version 1.2 because the changes were so minor.

Marie Morris (Bible Bee)

@ Mr. Walker or Andy or Alex: I would be interested in volunteering with Memverse. But I was wondering what type of time commitment is needed. I have just graduated from High School and this will be my last year at BB nationals. I have so enjoyed memverse and am recommending it to all my friends.

Alex Watt

Marie - Andy appreciates any help; your time commitment is whatever you decide to put into Memverse. If you let him know on the feedback forum "Volunteering" thread as to what exactly you would like to help with, I'm sure he will contact you with more information. Thank you for your willingness to help.