What Happened to the News?

Time Posted on March 28, 2010 User Andy

The much discussed 'News' section has been moved off to another page. We should take this opportunity to clarify: the news feed is syndicated from 'Christianity Today' via a technology called 'RSS' (Really Simple Syndication). We don't read it before it arrives and exert no editorial control whatsoever. The current feed contains the most popular articles from Christianity Today's online site. Over the past year we have received many comments about the news section and I think many people were under the impression that Memverse was reporting the news. We wish we could be that productive! As it turns out, roughly 1/3 of the people who emailed us with feedback liked the news section, 1/3 found it too conservative and 1/3 found it too liberal. We have our own opinion but decided that it wasn't part of the core mission of Memverse and that it would be better to move it off the home page.

Over time, we do intend to add more sources of news but RSS is a relatively new technology and has been adopted only slowly by Christian news organizations. We have always had a vision of aggregating the best that has been thought and said from a Christian perspective across a broad spectrum; but that has been put on hold for another day.

If you would like to comment on this topic, we'd like to recommend both a re-reading of James 3 and also a period of reflection before posting.

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I have to admit, I do miss it, Andy, but I totally understand. I didn't read everything, but the odd one had a title I couldn't resist and it always gave me something to think about. I didn't always agree, but I always came away with a different perspective.

But, I will just have to add that site to my "news" bookmark! :) Simple solution that is easy for even me! :D

In any case, as always, an encouragment for you: the site just keeps getting better and better and every day I am thankful for the way God is using your abilities to bless so many. It encourages me to check the "one church" leaderboard every day and see how we are always moving forward; even though there are days when it's obvious a few have dropped off or been unable to log in for a while, our numbers of verses are always advancing! :)

God bless you and everyone who is striving to hide God's words in our hearts! :)