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Time Posted on October 07, 2010 User Andy

First, sorry for the very abrupt site crash this afternoon. We released a new version today and things didn't go smoothly!

There is now a new leaderboard (yes, I know, another one!) that tracks your referrals. You'll also notice that your referrals page now lists the people that were referred by people you referred. (I know, very complicated ... it's a pyramid scheme for a good cause!) Keep your eyes on this space because we'll shortly be announcing a competition on this front. It will be something along the lines of: whoever is on top of the referral leaderboard on Christmas day will get a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

We've also made it easier to click through your verses when you're tagging them. No more waiting for your "My Verses" page to reload so you can tag the next verse. Yay!

Finally, we're busy testing something that I've had in the back of my head for a long time now: the ability to upload sermons and attach them to verses. I know that many of the verses I've memorized were prompted by a great sermon on a bible passage. Unfortunately, in most cases, I've lost the sermon. I also think it will be cool to gradually build up a library of expository sermons on Memverse. I realize that there are tons of sermon libraries all over the web but I think we are gradually building up a community of people on Memverse who are exceedingly committed to understanding God's Word. My hope is that by focusing primarily on expository sermons (sermons that carefully and methodically explain a passage from the bible) we could create a unique library over time. If you have thoughts on this topic, please leave them in the comments below; I'd love to get your thoughts. Rest assured,  we will definitely take great care to keep memorization as the primary focus of Memverse.

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7 responses to Referrals Leaderboard and Other Features

Alex Watt

I like the sermon idea. Thanks for the upgrade! ... and the new leaderboard. :) It will motivate us to refer more people.

Severus Snape

I still can't figure out how to refer people, could you put how to do it a bit simpler?

River La Belle

Well, well, well said, Andy!! Great job so far!!!

And keep going with the sermon idea. Expository sermons are the best out of any kind of preaching out there. Good choice. :)
Question: Who would 'scan' the sermons tagged onto the verses to see whether they are expository or not??? Or is that not really an issue?

Keep up the great work by God's grace,


Erin, it's just a matter of telling people you know -- your friends and family -- about the MemVerse site and encouraging them to use it to memorize Scripture. Then when they sign up, they go to their own profile page and enter that it was you who referred them. If you tell people via email, it is possible to use the link that Andy put on your own profile page in your email to them. Then they can use that link to go directly to MemVerse and the programme will immediately credit your profile with them as a referral.

Does that help? :)

Phil Walker

Andy, I love all the work and new ideas. May God continue to use Memverse around the world for His Glory and may He work powerfully in the lives of all of us who are memorizing His Word and passionate about getting to know, love, worship and serve Him better. I would love to hear from other Scripture enthusiasts either through memverse or at

Severus Snape

Thanks, that does make it a lot simpler.

Dakota Lynch

Phil, you seem to have disappeared from the Leaderboards? Where'd you go?