Reusable Tags for Your Verses

Time Posted on September 21, 2010 User Andy

You'll notice a couple of tweaks to your list of memory verses. We've removed some of the columns that weren't very useful and have added a column showing your tags. It's now easier to find memory verses that you haven't yet tagged as you work your way through the solo progression quests ;)

Also, once you click through to a given verse, you'll notice a small [+] next to the tags that other users have used. To add one of those to your own list of tags, you can now just click on the [+] and it will be added to your tag list for that verse.

We're working on cleaning up some of the tags that have typos and spelling mistakes but if you haven't checked out the tag cloud for a while, it has grown in leaps and bounds.

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12 responses to Reusable Tags for Your Verses

Dakota Lynch

WOW! You're right! It has grown significantly!

Talia "StoryMaker"

I just learned how to tag verses yesterday, and I've gotten into it. It can be kind of addicting! ;)


I can't figure out how to tag my verses in order to fulfill one of my level goals. how do i do it?

Alex Watt

Lizard - You should go to the My Verses page and then click on one of the verses. Once on the given verse page, you will be able to add a tag fairly easily. Let us know if you need anymore help.


Lizard ~ Feel free to phone a friend if you need help. Love you!


For mat 7:3 I put hit enter instead of backspace and now a tag there that says bea!

Jackie Chase

@Abigail-There should be a button you can click to delete the misspelled tag so you can replace it. Click on the reference, and beside the misspelled tag is an 'ex'. Use this to delete the tag and then you can replace it.


It's a tag for everyone to use!


Hi, I'm having a tag challenge. I can add my own tags but am having trouble using the pre existing tags. When I try to tag my verses with the pre existing tags they don't show up. I've tried clicking the tag words and the plus sign. I takes me to a page where all the verses with that tag are listed with an "add" choice to the right. I click that "add" and still no tag. What am I missing?


Well, now the plus sign is working. Sorry!


Oh, dear! Now all the verses I hit "add" for (thinking I was tagging) are now in my verses. Now I need to know if there is a way to remove a verse added in error. If not I'm going to be in over my head for a few days!

Matthew Minica

Judith - On the "My Verses" page under the Home tab, there should be a column of check boxes down the side of your list of verses. Check all the ones you wish to delete, and then go to the bottom of the page, where there should be an option to delete them.