Memory Verses on iPad 3

Time Posted on April 12, 2012 User Andy

Those of you who have an iPad 3 should try out the voice dictation. I tried it a few days ago and, despite some difficulties with my other-wordly accent, it was relatively effective. I think over time it will only get better and I look forward to the day when typing out one's memory verses is just one of the alternatives.

I have been having some trouble memorizing Romans 8 so have been trying out a variety of tactics to break the logjam. I've recorded myself reciting the chapter and use my phone to listen to it when I have 5 minutes of down time. I also wrote it out by hand a few nights ago and found that very useful. But I found that there is nothing like slowly dictating it to really get it stuck in my head.

I would encourage everyone to use as many different techniques for memorizing the Bible as you can lay your hands on. The more variety you incorporate, the more likely you are to persist with your memorization and the quicker your memory verses will become lodged in your mind and heart.

A foreshadowing of an upcoming feature: we will soon be releasing the first Memverse badges. This would be a good time to be consistent, promotional, and gospel-minded.

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Emily H

That's so cool! I don't have an iPad, but that sounds so neat. Thanks!

Dakota Lynch

I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new badges (even if you don't use any of the ones I've submitted)! I think it will add a whole new level of fun to memverse and cause more people to stick around after signing up.


I never really thought that there were very many ways to memorize and/or recite verses, but I guess that there are many more ways than my simple "remember what you read and try to think through it a little" mentality. :) Writing, typing, speaking it fast, speaking it slow... maybe I should broaden my horizons a little!

Leah Jessie

I can't wait to see the badges! I have acouple of questions, though. Will there only be Consistency badges? If you earned one of those, could you lose it if your percentage of # of review sessions/days on Memverse went down?

BibleBeeJunior14 (~*Lady Ariana*~)

Yay! I can't wait to see the badges.
@SavedByGrace - I know! :)

Phil Walker

I know almost nothing about phone apps and androids. However, there is a new tool out there for those who have access to this called "Remember Me" that Jim Woychuk of Scripture Memory Fellowship told me about and highly endorses. It is free. Here is a link to learn more.


I've been doing Memverse on my mom and dad's Droid sometimes using Voice Command and it works great!

Emily H

ZB, I never thought of doing that. :)

Sydney (aka The Gopher)

I can't wait to see the new badges! Voice dictation sounds like so much fun.
It would be very helpful for Bible Bee.

BibleBeeJunior14 (~*Lady Ariana*~)

@{ChristLovesMe} - I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your picture!!!!!!! :) Where did you get it? I get mine from the I think I'll change mine right now...:)

Jonathan Peterson

Yeah, the voice dictation is really nice. only problem is when I use it, it always seems to give me bunch of garbage when I try it. Maybe should talk reeeeeeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyy slow. Not very good with people with weird of off accents.

BibleBeeJunior14 (~*Lady Ariana*~)

Hmmm...if I had an ipad, I would try my british accent. That would be funny to see what it would do! I love to do that...

Jonathan Peterson

@BibleBeeJunior12: It'd be funny. I have that sort of accent, though I have no clue why. No one in my immediate family has that accent, and i've never been there and i've had ppl think i was from there.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Does it work on iPad 2?

BibleBeeJunior14 (~*Lady Ariana*~)

@Jonathan Peterson - you really have an authentic accent? that is so cool! I don't but my mom and my friends say that I mimic really well...I think it's all those Narnia movies...what do you guys think? Obviously I'm obsessed with Narnia! :) JK...sort of! :)
I can't believe we have to wait another month and 1/2 until we get our Bible Bee stuff - I'm SOOOOOOOO ready for them!!!!!!!! I am planning on memorizing...wait. I can't tell you! :)

BibleBeeJunior14 (~*Lady Ariana*~)

AHHHHHHHH! What happened to my profile picture??????? It's a monster! :)

Sydney (aka The Gopher)

@ BBJ12 I got my profile picture off Google Images
I love yours too

Jonathan Peterson

@BibleBeeJunior12 - I'm not entirely sure it's really authentic. It might be something I picked up from the many British comedies that I watched, like Monty Python, Black Adder,Top Gear (which really isn't a comedy but is on BBC) Doctor Who, etc. as for Bible Bee, too bad they weren't around when I was younger, but then again my heart wasn't full of the passion to memorize verses as I do now. Only signed up less than a month ago and already learning 260+ verses (some I knew already) and I still think i need more since some days I don't have many verses. Maybe I need to add another chapter (like memorizing/learning) 25% of Romans still isn't enough (in addition to other chapters) and here I am rambling in this blog, sort of habit of mine, well take care and good luck in the Bible Bee and God bless

Oh and just to be a little random, you can Facebook me, I'd alway love to have friends out there with the same passions as me to memorize Scripture

God's Maiden of Virtue

{ChristLovesMe}, BBJ12 and Jonathan Peterson- Sorry to interrupt, but I think you should move your conversation to the chat blog-


who is signed up for Bible bee . I wonder where the national Bee is going to be held Have any ideas

BibleBeeJunior14 (~*Lady Ariana*~)

@ChristLovesMe - Thanks...I got mine off Yahoo images...:) Same thing I guess...
@GMOV - ok, I moved but I'm just replying so they know I'm still here! (Got it guys?)
@Jonathan Peterson - Do you watch Narnia? It's not a comedy though. I ramble a lot too...last night I couldn't stop talking to my mom...thankfully, she doesn't mind! I wish I could but I'm not on Facebook.
@Follower of God - I TOTALLY am! We were the 81st and 82nd to sign up (my sister included) and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ready! :) Maybe it will be in Atlanta! That's where I live (or a bit west of there) and it would be so cool if we could meet even If I didn't make it.. (Which I'm totally hoping to!)

Emily H

Follower of God- I'm signed up for the Bible Bee too. I think I was like 65th or 64th or something like that. All off-topic comments are supposed to go on the chat blog, though. God's Maiden of Virtue posted the link up there. Can we move this to there? A lot of people have been commenting on where they hope/think the National Bee will be held.


What are the three badges?

Everett H

I got the voice thing to work on a smartphone. :) But a lot of the time it messes it up. Like one time I was doing Mat 6:9 and I said "After this manner therefore pray ye" and then I stopped and it put "after crazy thee 4" I don't think that it likes KJV!


@Everett - hahaha that is so funny! :) maybe it would like NASB or ESV better!
@Jael - if you go to your account you can see them on your profile - Sermon on the Mount, Top Referrer, and Consistent Memorizer or something...that's close right?!


this is not good I was entering a verse psalm 9:4 and it did not have it in NASB so I had to type it in to enter it and when i pressed enter I accidentally hit the letter k and I did not know it Intel I looked at it and it is in the verse when you look it up and I do not know what to do

Rebecca King

Andy - i want to thank you for your comment about recording your verses -- that has been really helpful for me! I like to be outside as much as I can and so I recorded all my verses (using Audacity on my computer). Now when I am walking or riding my bike or jogging or doing dishes or doing whatever -- I can be listening to my verses on my ipod :-) This also has made it easier for me to remember them more accurately - maybe I am an audio learner. Anyway --- thank you! the more ways to lodge these verses in my mind and heart - the better!

River La Belle

The new iPad's dictation feature is indeed amazing. Having had past experience with Dragon Dictate software and the hassle it is to get going well with that, the iPad dictation is excitingly pleasurable to use. Every once in a while I'll have to re-type half of a sentence, but otherwise it is wonderful. I have not tried it on MemVerse yet--that will be my next adventure.…
Also, about strong accents and the iPad Dictation-- I work at an Apple Specialist store--a man came in interested in the Dictation feature. I was worried that he would discredit it when I had him try it out because he had a rough, slurred voice, but it picked up over 90% of what he said! I was very happily surprised.
So, that's that about Dictation on the new iPad--I highly recommend it.

Everett C.

Does anyone know how good the voice recognition is on an Ipod 5 generation?