The 2015 Bible Bee Video!

Time Posted on July 31, 2015 User Bethany Meckle

Last year, my brother and I created a video about the Bible Bee study every other week. This year, due to all the changes and a crazy schedule, we almost decided not to do a video this year - but surprise, surprise, here it is! Thanks to a fellow Memverse family, we have a five minute video full of great tips and resources.

If you want more tips for last minute studying and test taking, here are two links you can check out:
1. The Sweeter Than Honey Blog
2. Last year's Bible Bee tip video

This video is not endorsed by the National Bible Bee or the Shelby Kennedy Foundation.

Click here to watch!

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11 responses to The 2015 Bible Bee Video!

Mommy's Helper

Oh yay! Thanks Bethany!


Thank's Bethany! Useful for studying and helpful during the test!

Bethany Meckle

Thanks! @Hannah, I used your tips during the test and they were SOOOO helpful!!!


thanks for the tips, Bethany and Hannah! My sister told them to me and the were VERY useful!

Katie Grace [K8GB]

This video was very helpful! Thank you! @Mommy's Helper: Are you the girl describing the "process of elimination"?


Thanks for the tips. :) @Bethany: What program do you use to make your videos? Thanks!

Bethany Meckle

Thanks guys! Glad it was helpful!!

@K8GB - yes, she is. :)
@Carissa - I just use the Movie Maker that comes on Windows 7, 8, and I think 10. :)


@Bethany: Okay, thanks! :)


Yah, I used to use movie maker, but now I use hitfilm express since it was a free download(very good software too, in my opinion)


@Cory: Is there a place where I can download that software? Thanks!


@Carissa- click on 'get hitfilm express 3' and click on share with (your desired choice) You don't actually have to share it, just click x after putting in your email. then they send you a link and you download. hope this helps! I know its kind of confusing.... :P