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Nationals 2016 Practice Tests

Time Posted on November 12, 2016 User Nathan Wright: Impersonator Hunter Comment 1 comment




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2014 Nationals Quizzes

Yes; that's right. The Bible Bee quizzes are not over this year! God-willing, we will be continuing them just as we did the Locals quizzes: 4:00 pm EST every Thursday, then a rerun on Tuesday at noon EST. You may partake in these quizzes even if you did not make it to Nationals, are not in the Bible Bee, are not eligible for the Bible Bee, etc. We will not fence the quizzes in any way.

Since the Nationals memory passages are "unique to each age division and do not overlap" (in the words of the Bible Bee's website), there will be no recitation questions except for verses 2 and 3 of chapter 1--very occasionally--which we memorized for Locals. However, when we get further into the study, there might be some reference questions about the book of Nahum.

Important: the quizzes will rely heavily on question submissions.  We will want to have many questions about Greek words and cross-references; this way, contestants can introduce other contestants to what they've learned.  And please add {Nationals} in the text before the question.

For review, PDFs of the quizzes are also up for download (after they've been run on MemVerse, of course)!

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Bible Bee Practice Tests

Time Posted on November 07, 2011 User Alex Watt Comment 69 comments

Matthew Minica kindly developed practice tests for Bible Bee National Qualifiers and asked us to post them on Memverse for him. Here are the tests along with a note from Matthew:

Last Saturday, we went to visit our friends, the Smithes, who have a son Joshua going to the National Bible Bee as a Senior. We had a couple of their friends come over and held a mock Bible Bee with the three of us going to Nationals: Joshua, Courtney, and I. My dad suggested that we should make a practice test for each other, and I caught onto it right away. A couple days later, I had an idea: Why not share about this on Memverse!? So here is that practice test, all finished and ready to be administered.

Division Practice Test Answer Sheet
Junior PDF | DOC PDF | DOC
Senior PDF | DOC PDF | DOC

There are a few things I would like to note: First, if you are a Primary who would like to take this test, I apologize for not making a Primary version of the test. The reason I did not is that I could not see any Primaries who were currently active on Memverse.

Second, the only difference between the Junior and Senior versions is 16 questions about some Level 3 passages; otherwise, the Junior and Senior tests are exactly the same.

Also, to take the test you will need the bubble sheet available here on the Bible Bee website.

I hope you enjoy this practice test and that it will really help and encourage you in your studying!

Matthew Minica
Romans 1:16


Update 11/11/11: Anna and Grace Mieczkowski (Senior National qualifier) have also created two awesome practice tests to share; one is for Primaries and the other is for Seniors. Juniors are advised to take the Primary test.

Division Practice Test Answer Sheet
Primary PDF PDF
Senior PDF PDF


Thanks again, Matthew, Anna, and Grace, for working on these tests and sharing them. Blessings to all studying for Nationals!

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