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Ten Million Memory Verses

Time Posted on January 04, 2010 User Andy Comment 19 comments

Some of you might have received the message from Phil about the campaign to memorize 10 million verses in 2010. To that end, we will be starting to track the total number of memory verses that are classified as 'Memorized' here on Memverse. You will see a new tab under the 'Leaderboards' section called 'One Church' which links to a graph of the daily number of verses that are being learned and that are already memorized, as well as the number of active users on Memverse.

As of today we have 2,672 verses memorized so we have a way to go! The graph is currently updated once a day but I'm hoping to have a counter somewhere on the website that will be updated continuously. Either way, I think it is a great goal for us all to work towards. If you're thinking of a goal for yourself, definitely set your sights high!

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