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Time Posted on January 04, 2010 User Andy

Some of you might have received the message from Phil about the campaign to memorize 10 million verses in 2010. To that end, we will be starting to track the total number of memory verses that are classified as 'Memorized' here on Memverse. You will see a new tab under the 'Leaderboards' section called 'One Church' which links to a graph of the daily number of verses that are being learned and that are already memorized, as well as the number of active users on Memverse.

As of today we have 2,672 verses memorized so we have a way to go! The graph is currently updated once a day but I'm hoping to have a counter somewhere on the website that will be updated continuously. Either way, I think it is a great goal for us all to work towards. If you're thinking of a goal for yourself, definitely set your sights high!

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Phil Walker

It was with fear and trembling that I launched this campaign to begin the new year. I'm trusting that God wants this to happen, that the results are in His hands and will bring Him glory. Still the questions persist: "Why such an outrageously high number? Why not be more realistic and then rejoice when we surpass it?" "Why the emphasis on counting memorized verses? Isn't it much more important that we memorize and meditate on God's Word, than that we count the number of verses memorized?"

These are good questions. I don't fully understand why I believe God wanted me to launch this. I know we are dealing with a God who can do more in one day, than all of our best efforts combined in a lifetime. I also know that, at least in the USA, we are facing a crises of Biblical illiteracy, with a "Make our own new and improved God" mentality that makes knowing Scripture to know, love, obey, serve and pursue the historical, Biblical God unnecessary.

So will we make the 10 Million verses documented on www.memverse.com by Dec 31st, 2010? Right now we have 3,752 with a pace that gets us to 26,000 by the end of the year. That's barely 1/4 of 100,000; not to mention 1 million, or worse yet 10 million. And we only get the 26,000 if we continue our current pace. Human nature tends towards slacking off as the year goes on. Humanly speaking 10 million does look next to impossible.

I ask you to pray and to seek God's face as to what He might have you do, or why you think 10 Million verses in 2010 is a valuable campaign and pursuit.

In my next update I will send out at the end of January, I will share my target groups, some encouraging good signs, and why I still dare to believe God wanted us to launch this "10 Million in 2010" and why I still dare to believe He may very well bring it to pass against all odds.

I would love to hear from you either on this blog or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=231218563356&ref=ts or www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&ref=ts&gid=261110551457 or off facebook at www.scripture-memory-support.com


Okay, I use something other than MemVerse to memorize. I have 61 verses done so far.

Phil Walker

Christopher, thanks for checking in with your ROMANS chapters. Keep us posted.


Phil, the good news is that with ~ 350 active users we're adding almost 100 memorized verses a day. as we add more users we'll start approaching the goal quicker and quicker.

For those of you who are interested, the new users are coming from a few different sources:

1. Links from other blogs
2. The $50 of advertising we spend each month
3. Word of mouth and email
4. Traffic from search engines (this is unfortunately still very small but will hopefully grow over time)

It would be a tremendous help if people could help spread the word about Memverse, either by sending an email out to friends, linking to Memverse from your blog (if you have one), or posting a flyer at your church (I'm hoping to post a flyer soon that you can download and print out but feel free to create your own one if you have the skill!)


I use another software package to help me with memorizing the Word. This way I can review the verses I am trying to memorize as often as I want to. So when I add a new Verse (on memverse)I have already memorized it. (I have not added up my verses recently so I am not sure how many I have memorized)


Praise God! Phil I am so excited for you in going over the 1,000 mark in memory verses. That is so awsome!

Phil Walker

Mary Lee, I would love for you to share the software package you use with us on the new blog page "Scripture Memory resources and events" in case others may want to use it to. I am glad you are also taking the time to add your verses on memverse and trust the extra review and meditation on the Scripture will be valuable to you even as God can use it to inspire others.

Phil Walker

Lee, thanks for the encouragement. I look forward to the day when my Scripture memory will inspire thousands of other young Scripture enthusiasts to surpass my total in their pursuit to deeply know the true, living, Biblical God through His Word.

I also want to encourage those who may not be called, or have the bent towards memorizing 1000 verses. God makes everyone of us different and gives us different gifts, callings, and life circumstances. EVERYONE is called to reject today's trivial gospel ("everything in the Bible and about Jesus is true and is guaranteed to get me into heaven one day; it just isn't that important in day to day living")and to deeply love, serve, worship, and wholeheartedly obey our God. I believe that everyone can benefit from memorizing Scripture. However, any ONE verse you memorize, meditate on, fully trust and obey, use to deepen your knowledge and love of God, and authentically and inspiringly share (with words and our lives) with others can be as valuable in God's sight as 1,000 verses someone else memorizes.


I have a long way to go, but I am enjoying coming on here every day to do my verses. I also noticed I am maintaining better than I used to. I am also realizing that doing a whole passage is easier than a verse here and there. Thank you so much for bringing this site to my attention. I am adding more verses every week, and get so excited when one more gets added to my memorized ones.
God Bless Lee

River La Belle

Hey, Phil! We've got 43 days left and around 958,000 verses to go!!! I guess we won't make it this year, but I did the calculations: if there are on average 600 active users every day (that's what we're hoping for next year, right?), we will get to ten million if they each memorize 46 verses every day. If we want to go for only one million verses a year, they will only have to memorize around 5 verses each day. . .

This is an awesome goal, Phil. And I truly believe that if you keep it that high, it will be met [with God's help], in ONE YEAR.

And, guess what, we've almost doubled your prediction of where we would be at the end of the year!!!! There's a blessing right there!!

Andy, you should post your comment as a blog post since we have so many new users since you said that. . . It will be very good motivation!!!


...and now we have 43205 verses memorized!!


I am fairly new to MemVerse, and am not sure of how to go about starting a new post. I hope this is in the general area of where it belongs.
A few years back I had downloaded the Scripture Memory app, and one of the links on a list was to do with Old Testament verses. It was something like "HAKOT"
I am looking for a list of 'key verses' for each chapter of the Old Testament, similar to the one posted for the New Testament.
Does anyone have a list, or an active link?
Thank You.

Phil Walker

Anita, Hi. I am glad you found us on Memverse. I was the one who started the HAKOTS list. We don't have a key verse for each chapter of the OT, but we do have a lot. One of these days, I will try to get the list I have accessable to everyone and also one of these days I will try to finish through the Old Testament, and Lord willing, one of these days I would love to write a devotional for each of the OT verses like I have for the NT. Feel free to keep in touch through email at philjohn1558@yahoo.com if you want me to alert you when any of the above projects gets done.


Though we are two years past this deadline, and only about 1/100 of the way there, we may get to ten million some day soon! As of now, we have 95,883 verses memorized!

Wretched Man

Anyone notice that we're 60 verses away today from 130,000 memorized?!

Who will put Memverse over the top of 130,000????

Hannah B.

Yay! My Mom just memorized the 130,000th verse!!

Phil Walker

Congratulations, Hannah's Mom, for memorizing the 130,000th verse. May we meditate on and treasure each and every verse we memorize as we seek to know, worship, serve, trust, and obey our Lord Jesus Christ!


WOW! That's a lot of verses

Christiana Di Lorenzo

That is so much memorizing I am glad that we have memverse.