Auto-complete for Memory Verse Tagging

Time Posted on March 20, 2012 User Andy

You will notice that we have added auto-complete functionality to the tagging of verses. I think this will go a long way towards improving the tag cloud by eliminating spelling mistakes. As part of that process we have reset the tag cloud. It will rebuild itself very quickly as people continue to tag their memory verses. Please don't spoil it by typing in silly tags. This is also a great time to clear out some old, misspelled, or unused tags.

I'm very excited to announce that this feature was implemented by the newest developer to join our small, but trusty, team: Josiah. Please congratulate him and shower him with requests for changes and extensions! cheeky

As always, I'll take this opportunity to say again that if you know Ruby on Rails, jQuery, or Javascript then we would love to have your help. Just let us know and we will give you access to the repository.

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Dakota Lynch

Thanks and welcome, Josiah! Great job!

Daniel Hancock

Thanks Josiah!


Thanks for helping with Memverse Josiah !


Thanks Josiah - it looks great! I have an idea that is rather far-fetched, but here it is - When you click on a verse in my verses, it pops up with the verse and all the tags it has. There should be a button that says "Hallelujah." You should click on it if you feel like saying "Hallelujah!" when you read it. It would be similar to a "like" on Facebook. Then there should be the number of "Hallelujah"s beneath the button, or there should be a "Hallelujah" board with the first 100 or 50 top "Hallelujah"ed verses. Just a thought ...

Bethany Meckle (inactive)

Great new feature! Good job, Josiah!! It has been so exciting seeing all the new features added in just a few months.
@Super401 - I really like that idea!


Thank you Josiah!

2 Corinthians 5:17

Thanks alot! :)



Matthew Minica

Thank you Alex and Josiah for developing the new features released recently. You guys did a great job! Congrats Josiah for getting on the "official Memverse team"! Will you be able to post blog posts now? :)

Emily H

Thank you! I'm not quite sure I understand this, but it looks great and is WAY less confusing than the old page-and-a-half+ tag cloud! But is it just 'reset' or is it changed some other way?
Thanks for all your hard work! :)

Josiah DeGraaf

I have no idea, Matthew. :P At some point I might be able, but I'm not sure if I have the capabilities now or not.

Emily: I believe it's just reset; I don't think there are other ways that it's changed

BibleBeeJunior14 (~*Lady Ariana*~)

The tag cloud looks FABULOUS! :) Do you think we could delete some of the Bible Bee tags as well because there are so many of them...maybe limit them to 3 tags per age group (Bible Bee 2009 Primary, " " Junior, " " Senior, etc.) That might make it look better too.

BibleBeeJunior14 (~*Lady Ariana*~)

i'll probably figure it out just after you tell me but it's worth asking. :) i know i've been on here forever but since you all made so many adjustments I have no idea where anything is anymore!!!!!!! :) but seriously, it looks great! :) I like it.

EDIT: I figured both of the questions out. *blush* :)

BibleBeeJunior14 (~*Lady Ariana*~)

Ok, I was reading the mission statement and I'm wondering if MemVerse is Catholic. who can answer that question?

Alex Watt

BibleBeeJunior12 - The statement of faith on the Mission Statement page is the Apostle's Creed, and the "holy catholic Church" refers to the entire Church -- those saved by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8). The word "catholic" actually means "universal," and one of the definitions is "of or relating to all Christians." So yes, Memverse is catholic in the universal sense.

Leah Jessie

Thanks, Josiah! :) The new changes that have been made recently are great!

By the way, why doesn't the Mission Statement just say "universal" instead of "catholic"? I think that it could lead to some confusion; since most people think of Catholicism as a religion that wrongly places man's authority above God's Word, and falsely teaches that salvation is by our works, instead of repentance and faith alone.

Josiah DeGraaf

AstroLeah: The Mission Statement says "catholic" because it is the Apostle's Creed, a creed that was written back in the early first to fourth century (I forget when) summarizing the church's beliefs. Hence, Memverse's mission statement about "What we believe" is the Apostle's Creed and none of the words were changed.

BibleBeeJunior14 (~*Lady Ariana*~)

@Alex - ok, thanks! I just wanted to make sure. You can never be too careful

@Everybody - anyone in GA know of a van for sale? Ours broke down so we're stranded at home. We can't go ANYWHERE!!!!!!!! :(

@AstroLeah - I know - that was my question too. You put it very nicely. :)

@Administrators - it might be easier for people to understand if you put universal instead.

Emily H

Josiah DeGraaf- Thank you! BTW, if you're the Josiah mentioned a fore in the blog, congratulations and thank you again! :)

Phil Walker

Josiah, great to see you are joining in with the work of improving Memverse. I praise God when I see young people using their talents for God's glory, and especially when it involves helping people treasure Scripture and Memverse. I'm glad I got to briefly meet you in Nashville and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Matthew Sinclair

@BBJ12: Get your dad to look on craigslist for a van. they sometimes have good used cars on there. :-)

BibleBeeJunior14 (~*Lady Ariana*~)

@Matthew Sinclair - thanks...we've actually looked at some of the vans...we actually went yesterday to look for one too...we havent' found one yet. :) Thanks again!

Ruth (Joy)

Thanks for all the work you do on MemVerse!

I had a question though...
I was typing up my verses, when I came to a verse I had to skip. I clicked the skip button, but it wouldn't work! I tried the keyboard shortcut, but that wouldn't work either. I even tried reloading it, doing it on a different computer, and logging off my session, but neither of those worked. So I typed the verse. Then another verse came up that had to be skipped. I clicked the skip button, and it went back to the verse I had just typed! Can somebody fix this?

Thanks again!

Dakota Lynch

Mommy's Helper,

I may be off the mark here, but it sounds as though you may be having Internet connectivity issues. When my connection is unreliable, oftentimes memverse seems unresponsive and then ends up giving me the same verse again. If you don't think this is the case, then please let us know what web browser you're using.

Also, for future technical support issues, please use the "Feedback" tab to your right. Membership to our GetSatisfaction page is free and you'll usually get a much quicker response.

Ruth (Joy)

This is Mommy's Helper's daddy,

Our internet connection is not a problem as I worked from home all day yesterday with no problems. We are using Firefox 11.0.

We restrict our children's online activities and so have not allowed them to create a "GetSatisfaction" accounts. Perhaps I could create one account for the entire family, would this be okay?

BibleBeeJunior14 (~*Lady Ariana*~)

@Dakota Lynch - Mommy's Helper and I are in the same "GetSatisfaction" account.

Aidan B.

I don't have a "GetSatisfaction" account either.
EDIT: How do I tag my verses??
EDIT EDIT: My parents restrict our internet too, so this is one of the only webpages I can see.

Aidan B.



Is there a way to automatically delete old tags that no Memverse user uses anymore, e.g., misspelled tags? The tag cloud has gotten really messy again and I have wondered if this is one of the reasons why.
Also, is it possible to put a limit on the number of characters in a tag, like 40 or 50 characters? There are some super-long tags in the tag cloud. One of the longest is "He Will Be The Sure Foundation For Your Times A Rich Store Of Salvation And Wisdom And Knowledge The Fear Of The Lord Is The Key To This Treasure" Yikes. Many of them including this one look like they were just copied from the text of the verse that had that tag.


Yes, we will be refreshing the tag cloud once the Bible Bee is finished. That should clean out a lot of the less useful tags.

Matthew Minica

I agree with Talia and Abi on GetSatisfaction that the tag cloud definitely needs to be cleaned up again. I also strongly feel that the tag "N Tin7yrs" should be removed. It currently encompasses all but the entire books of Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Ephesians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Hebrews, James, 1 & 2 Peter, and Revelation, and more besides. To me, it seems like there is not much use for tagging the entire New Testament with the same tag. (No offense to the people who use this tag.) I used to be able to see which tags were the most popular; now all there is is this gigantic tag, a few larger Bible Bee tags, and a Romans tag (which, by the way, should be removed as well, as it does not serve much purpose either). If this tag were removed, it would be a lot easier to see the popular tags.

Also, auto-functionality has helped with misspelled tags, but it has not completely removed the problem. Usually when I enter a misspelled tag I notice it right away and delete it from my list. However, it is still in the Memverse system. I still think that the feature should be added that when nobody is using a tag anymore, it should be deleted from the tag cloud.

EDIT: Okay, I don't know how you did that to the popular tags but it does improve the problem. Thanks!
EDIT EDIT: Okaay, now the tag cloud looks *much* different. And lots more colorful. :)