Bubble Sheet for Practice Tests

Time Posted on August 22, 2014 User Nathan Wright: Impersonator Hunter

Note: This is different from the scan sheets available at biblebee.org. These sheets only have bubbles--which are much easier to fill in.

Presenting a new resource that will make the practice test experience even more like the real deal!  The locals test tomorrow will have sheets with the questions, like the practice tests, but also a bubble sheet on which answers will be filled in.  The bubbles must be completely filled in, which takes longer than just circling the right answer on the practice test--and with 200 questions, this could make a reletively significant difference for contestants who want to ascertain how prepared they are by taking the practice tests.  So, thanks to catpin.com's bubble test generator, here is a bubble sheet with 200 questions (the Primaries can only print the first page).


Also, ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be a third rerun, at 9:00 PM EST today!!!

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Thank you for this sheet!

James C.

Thanks for the sheet!