Improved Security at Memverse

Time Posted on April 29, 2014 User Andy

There has been a lot in the news recently about security flaws in the internet. We decided to take this opportunity to upgrade the security of Memverse. All traffic to and from the Memverse servers is now encrypted using a technology called SSL. We don't have any reason to suspect that Memverse was compromised previously but, as you've no doubt heard from other websites, this would be a good time to change your password. (You will need to log out first, then follow that link to go through the forgot password process, which will let you reset it.)

This change was also responsible for some of bugs that have caused the site to not function properly on older versions of Internet Explorer. We're still trying to fix that, but this might also be a good time to switch to either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft announced today that there is a fairly serious security flaw in all versions of Internet Explorer.

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Marie Morris

how do we change our own memverse passwords?

Evie, Child of Grace

Thanks! :)
Could that explain why an old laptop we have "can't establish a secure connection" with the site?


I've added a link in the blog post to change your password. Just pretend that you've forgotten the current one and it will be reset. Make sure that your email address is valid before you do this.

grannyjo ♥

I clicked the link on the blog post and it just took me to the home page....what am I doing wrong?

grannyjo ♥

Got it!! You can't be signed in for it to work, right?

grannyjo ♥

Is the quiz going to work tomorrow??


I changed my pass-code about a week ago, so I guess I'm ahead. ;)

Yeah, I didn't know if there was any other way to change my pass-code, so I just clicked the "forgot password" button. :)

Benjamin Ludwig

Thanks for the improved Security!!!!



I am not able to leave feedback, so I'm using this to ask for help. I have changed the amount of time I would like to spend memorizing each day, that I don't want verses to be automatically added, and that I would like to receive the newsletter, but nothing has changed.


I'm old so I don't like change. But this change is much for the better. Thanks for the improved security on this website, Andy, and the great job you and others do to make Scripture memorization a pleasure. Thanks also for pushing me into getting a new browser, Mozilla Firefox. It's SUPER!


@Shannon There hasn't been a new newsletter in a long time. Changing the amount of time you want to memorize each day doesn't actually change how many verses will come due. It's mainly used by Memverse to decide when to change verses from "Pending" to "Learning". So if you change it, there won't be an immediate change. And if you set that you don't want verses added automatically, what this does is keep the system from adding pending verses (verses you've already added) into the list you're learning. For more info, see the FAQ: (specifically the sections "How do Pending Verses work?" and "What do those options on my profile mean?").


Not surprised...IE is a very old-fashioned browser not compatible with many modern code functions, as I've experienced in my journey through web developing


COOL THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!