Test Your Memorization Accuracy

Time Posted on September 14, 2013 User Andy

We have made some changes to the accuracy test. It now has a look and feel along the lines of the reference test.

Many of us avoided every doing the accuracy test because, to be honest, it was incredibly difficult. It also took a long time to complete which made it difficult to work into one's regular sessions. The new test allows for any number of questions and your score will update continuously as you take the quiz.

It also uses a slightly better algorithm for flagging mistakes you made. The maximum score for any question is 10 points. The test will still point out differences in punctuation and capitalization but won't deduct points.

We really encourage everyone to use the accuracy test frequently. If you find that your scores on the test are very low, then you are probably grading yourself too leniently when you're doing your daily review sessions. We are, though, leaving it up to each user to decide how thoroughly and accurately they would like to know each verse. We recommend setting yourself a target accuracy and adjusting your verse rating over time.

As always, feedback is welcome in the comments or on the Feedback Forum (black tab on the right).

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18 responses to Test Your Memorization Accuracy

Matthew Minica

Thank you so much! It looks great! I especially like the previous verse feature. :D

Bethany Meckle

Awesome! Can't wait to try it out.


I find that the instant feedback helps much more than having to answer several more verses first. Thanks!

2 Corinthians 5:17

It looks great! Thank you SO much! =D

Random Narnian Warrior (Tarva/Abi)

Oh, awesome! I can't wait to check it out on Monday!

Joey Espinosa

So glad for this. Huge improvement. Great work!

Gloria K.

This is awesome!! Thanks for improving it! :)

Tim Wegner

I love the new accuracy test. It is so much more helpful than the previous one. Thanks for all your hard work.

One observation, however. When I screw up (which is still a lot), I notice it strikes out what I left out and underlines what I typed in wrong. This seems backwards. It seems to make more sense to underline what should be in the verse and strikeout what I typed in wrong. That way I can easily read what it should have been. Just a thought - take it or leave it.

Justin Gould

thanks for improving it its really cool:)



Loice Rochelle

This is SO great! I love it! It really makes me want to do this every day... =P Thanks SO much for the improvement!

I agree with TKWegner. It is a little confusing when I'm looking at the corrections.
Also I think it would be good if the reference was after the corrected verses on the right.

John Yoder

Everybody loves the new memorization accuracy feature. However, I type in my verse, hit submit, and nothing happens. Been this way ever since the change.


Johnny, which browser are you using and which version? (It sounds as though the Javascript part of the page isn't working).

If you can post a detailed bug report on the 'Feedback' forum (black button on right of browser labeled 'Feedback') that would be very helpful.

Jason Doggart

Great improvement to both the accuracy and the reference recall. Thanks!


Great job!

Jason Wilson

Andy, Do you have any plans to add an accuracy test on the my verses page?


Jason - I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. Could you elaborate?

Jason Wilson

@ Andy, When you go to the 'my verses' tab you have a list of the verses and you have categories of verse, version, e-factor, ref int, ref test, and I was wondering if you were going to add a section on there for accuracy. Maybe you don't have a schedule for accuracy testing and that it just gives you a verse that is memorized randomly.
I hope I am making more sense??