Memverse Redesigned!

Time Posted on May 28, 2011 User Andy

Welcome to our new look!

I want to thank up front, Emeka Rajis (website) for the brilliant job he did redesigning the site. He did it free of charge so please give him a heartfelt thank you in the comments below.

Second, as with any change of this magnitude, there are going to be bugs that we couldn't catch. If you find one, please click on the 'Feedback' tab on the right of the screen to let us know about it. Please be sure to include your browser and version e.g. Firefox 3.6, Internet Explorer 8 etc. so that we can recreate it and get it fixed as quickly as possible.


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46 responses to Memverse Redesigned!


Wow! Everything looks great. Thanks for all your work on this site.

Alex Watt

Thanks Emeka!


The new site design looks wonderful! Thanks so much for all the work. Memverse is truly a helpful resource for memorizing God's Word, and I appreciate the work put into making it such!


Looks Great!!

Amazing Grace

Outstanding job on the site, Emeka! I love the updated look and think Memverse will be even more attractive to new users. Thanks again!

Josiah DeGraaf

Wow! This looks great! It looks like QuickMem has now become standard?

EDIT: Oh, and great job Emeka! I had missed the first time reading the post that he/she did it for free! Thanks so much for doing this!

Alex Watt

Josiah - Yes, he has used his gift to benefit all of us and we're all quite thankful. And yes, QuickMem has become standard.


Thank you, Emeka! The web site looks great and we sure do appreciate the gift you have given us. God bless you!! And thank you so much all the hard workers who have done the programming!!!

Dakota Lynch

Thank you for this wonderful blessing, Emeka. As somebody mentioned on the feedback forum, I'm generally not fond of change but this has to be the greatest improvement I've ever seen a website undergo in a single day. The upgrade is absolutely phenomenal!

Rachel Rollins

Thanks Emeka! I love the new design! It makes the site look so much more user friendly. You're awesome, God bless

Victoria M.

Thank you so much!


Thanks Emeka! I was so surprised and excited at the new look. God Bless

Talia "StoryMaker"

Wow, talk about looking slick and user-friendly! I am very thankful to Emeka for doing this - it seems like quite an improvement!

Plus, I just love the fact that, despite all the visual changes, it's still the same great site underneath - it just looks more attractive. GREAT work!


Wow, I was stunned when I saw this just now! It looks so much more professional! Thank you so much, Emeka! I normally don't like change, either, but this is phenomenal!

Lydia Murray

Great job, Emeka! Thanks for all the effort you put into redesigning the website! God bless!

Teresa Cz

Thanks for your work to make the site more attractive!

Becca Rollins

I LOVE IT! It is so much more user-friendly. I told my aunt a while ago about this site, but she was really confused on how to work it. It will be much easier now. Thanks!


WoW!! love this new look! I really like having the letter hint right above the typing box.... but my eyes are trained to keep looking over to the right :) I am truly thankful for this resource i have been using memverse for a little over a year now & am enjoying the added help in memorizing and reviewing the scriptures THANK YOU Emeka may the Lord bless you for all the hours you spent on this project!!


Emeka ~ Thank you so much for using the gifts God has given you to bless so many others. Our family loves memverse and have been able to see God using it as a ministry tool to reach others also. Thank you for the new look and all the work you invested.
Thank you too to Andy and Alex and all who work behind the scenes. We appreciate you!

Lisa Ward

Wow, I'm so excited about the new look! Thanks so much for using your God-given gifts and time for this program!

A.S. Dean

Thank you! You gift has enabled me with my slow sat. connection to do so much more!

Pam S

Thank you for your hard work. It looks great!


This is cool!
Thank you Emeka.


Thank-you so much for your time and work Emeka!


have used the new version a couple of days now still like it alot but i have run into a little problem in the initial letter hints the lowercase l and the capital i are exactly the same.... also to me the font seems a little hard to read..... still think it is a great improvement!

Eunice Sophia

Yes, it is wonderful to see the new version of Memverse! Thank You everyone who worked to get this done.


WOW! This is so Different in a good way! I think it will get more attention Now that it looks more modern.


Thank you! I think Memverse looks much more professional, and I like it!


Thank you!! MemVerse looks a lot more modern!

Ed Browning

The look and feel of the site now reflect the quality of the engine behind it. Great facelift!


Thank you sooo much! I love the new design:)


It's really cool!! i'm used to the other one though. its still really good!!!!


Looks great!! Thanks for all the work you put into this site. It is really helpful in memorizing verses.

Pam S

I agree with Darla about the lower case L and upper case i looking the same in the letter hints.


I love the new look! Great job! :)

Joshua Harrell

I love the new design overall, but i miss the 'complete chapters' thing on the dashboard. Could you please put that back?

Alex Watt

Joshua - Yes, I think that was a mistake. Thanks for mentioning it. It will be back soon. In the meantime, you can still see which chapters you've completed by going to the "Chapter Review" section of the site under the "Memorize" tab.


hmmm...I never noticed that was missing.

Dakota Lynch

Andy, I was just wondering if you think the recent spike in the user count is a result of the site upgrade?


Good question, Dakota. I think it's a combination of factors:

1) Lots of people signing up for Bible Bee
2) The reminders were turned back on a few days after the launch of the new site.
3) More people who land on the home page seem to sign up.

I haven't figured out exactly how much to attribute to each of the three factors but all of them are definitely at work.


I think it is from the Bible Bee


Thank you Emeka


Thanks guys! It was truly a blessing to work on memverse with Andy and Alex. This is truly a labor of love. The software engine is a beatiful peice of code. It's improving more and more over time. We've spoke about expanding the application to other platforms in the near future so please keep that in prayer. Can't wait to see memverse on the mobile platform. You all are truly awesome and I praise God for putting this endeavor upon Andy's heart. He's truly a man of reknown.

Emeka Rajis

Josiah DeGraaf

I wasn't sure where to put this, but as it is because of the site update...

I was helping my sister make a new password for her account and just started laughing when I failed to type the password in right and the tag came up that said 'Epic Fail.' It's hilarious!

Constance Keating

Thank you so much! The site looks amazing- great job!!!

Pam S

Thank you for changing the font for the first letter prompts! It is really helpful to be able to tell the difference between i and L.