Reviewing Your References

Time Posted on September 05, 2013 User Andy

We have made some changes to the reference review page. Years ago, it was added as an afterthought but we've since learned that memorizing verse references is key to being able to memorize verses.

Many of you will discover that you have a LOT of references to review. We recommend just doing a few each day until the number becomes manageable. Each memory verse now has an associated interval which will increase/decrease as you review your references. As you review your references each day, you'll find that the number will decrease fairly quickly. If you're feeling overwhelmed, there is a setting on your profile page called "Test All References"; uncheck that box and Memverse will only review the reference of the first verse of each passage.

For those of you working towards a consistency badge, you don't need to complete all your references each day. Incidentally, you can now check your consistency on your progress page. (There is a new graph below the regular progress chart.)

We also recently upgraded Memverse's entire framework and moved to a new server. The new server is faster and, with all the components of the website upgraded, we can focus on improving the rest of Memverse again.

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22 responses to Reviewing Your References

Emily H

Wow, this is awesome! Thanks so much!!

Ian R.2

Thanks for the info! :)

2 Corinthians 5:17

Thanks for all you do for Memverse! :) I noticed that on my main page it said something about reviewing references, but now that makes sense =D


Thank you for all the info and updates! And thank you for all the work you put into Memverse!


Cool! :D

Aidan B.

Hehe, I was wondering if I had just missed that Consistency Graph in the past...
What do its numbers represent?
I also was wondering what it was talking about when it wanted me to review 69 references... though I did do them all... xD

Random Narnian Warrior (Tarva/Abi)

And the scores we get on the reference reviews still affect our overall ref. recall that shows up on our dashboards, right?


Looks cool! :D

ChiefofSinners II

Wow! I really like the interface for this. Much improved from the old Reference Recall. ;)

Great job on this guys! Thank you so much for always working to keep Memverse as good as it can be for us! =D

Aidan B.

With the server change, I'll have to get my dad to fix up my internet allow filter list to make it work properly.

Christiana Di Lorenzo

Thank you, Andy! Over the last couple of day I noticed the changes. Thank you!!!!

Bethany Meckle

I really like the new reference test page! Thanks!!!

Bethany Meckle

It would be nice if there was the same sort of thing for the accuracy test. For one thing, if I have a passage or chapter memorized, it kind of all runs together, so it's hard to remember, say, what verse 10 says in a twenty-three verse passage.

Josiah DeGraaf

@Aidan: The consistency graph measures, at each point on the graph, how many memorization sessions in the past year you've completed. So if you miss every third day for a whole year, your number will be ~220. Then if you go another month without missing any days, the number would go up to ~230. Basically, the higher the number, the more memorization sessions you've been completing.


I love the reference reviewer yesterday i got 77 on it




Thanks for the info! :) I just raised my ref recall to 100%!

Lindsey Gould

hi everyone I have no idea who you guys or but i hope you can answer a couple of questoins I have.
So i have benn wondering how to increase or boost your REF RECALL for a long time and its getting rather anoiny. Because current level goal are that I have to boost or increase my REF RECALL. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER THIS COMMENT


In order to boost your Ref- Recall, go to the References tab under the Review tab, and review the References there.


I hope my comment was helpful, if you need more help, feel free to ask.

Kirke Holmes

I love being able to review references, but I think it would be better if the references under review were from my learning list and did not include references marked as pending. That way I would be learning from the same References and Verses.

Thanks and keep up all your hard work!

The memorized verses count is well over half a million! That's truly a blessing that will yield reward in heaven for many people.


@Kirke Holmes I just checked and Memverse only brings up learning and memorized references for review. Have you experienced otherwise? Oh, and by the way, the home page shows 456,202 memorized verses, so just under half a million... which we should be hitting in a few months. Did you see another stat somewhere?