Changes to Memory Verse Reference Recall

Time Posted on May 23, 2010 User Andy

We've made some changes to the reference recall section. Similar to the accuracy test, you will now have a running score for the reference recall. Every set of ten questions will give you a score out of 100. Each question is worth ten points and currently you get ten points if you remember the reference perfectly, and 5 points if you get the book and the chapter but can't remember the exact verse.

In the past we've recommended that you run through the reference recall section once or twice a day. I confess that I'm often quite lazy on doing my reference recalls and it always catches up to me because I can't pair the reference and the text. My goal is to keep my reference recall score around 80% or so because I know that will help me with the main memorization section.

For those of you who like math and care about such minutiae, the running score will be calculated as 25% of the most recent test and 75% of all the previous tests.

As always, questions and comments welcome.

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5 responses to Changes to Memory Verse Reference Recall

Phil Walker

I love it!!! Ideally, I would have kept up my reference recall once or twice a day without this extra fun twist, but I must admit it has slipped. I look forward to having fun putting the reference recall back into the daily adventure of memverse.

Andy, I was tempted to take the quiz over and over again tonight until I topped your 80% score, but opted for some sleep instead. All in due time.

Thanks so much for all your work!!!

And a thousand times more!!!!! Thank you, Lord, for giving us Scripture that is so deep, rich and powerful that we can never tire of knowing your Word better and better. May we properly see you through Your Word and may we have the courage and wisdom to act on what we see!


Thank you, again, Andy! I think this is a great tweak! :) As always, Memverse just keeps getting better and better.

Señora Cash

YIPPEE!!!!! Love it, it always seemed a little sad to me when I KNEW I could get the book and chapter but not the actual verse, I always thought I should at least get a little credit for knowing almost where I was.

thank you for all your continued work on making MemVerse the best scripture memory site around.

Dios te bendiga
(God bless you)


What a great idea!!!!!

Dakota Lynch

I love this new feature, Andy! I'm always afraid that when I quote a Scripture in church, or even to a friend, that I will get the reference wrong. Being able to see my RefRecall accuracy percentage is a huge help in knowing where I stand. Thanks a million.