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Time Posted on June 18, 2012 User Andy

Those of you doing your Bible Bee memory verses in English Standard Version will be pleased to hear that we've added the 2007 version. Please note that there are now two English Standard Versions. If you've been using ESV up until now and would like to keep your memory verses on the 2011 edition then you don't have to do anything. Those of you who would prefer to use the 2007 version will have to delete your memory verses and re-add them in the old edition.

It appears that the English Standard Version has adopted an approach whereby they will continue to make changes over time and obsolete the old editions. I think as Bibles enter the digital age, this is going to become more and more common. For the English Standard Version we will probably ensure that those of you who remain on the most current edition will always do so. If there is demand, we will continue to support the legacy editions for as long as possible.

As someone who is still on the NIV 1984 edition I realize that this can be disconcerting, but I do think that in the future we should all expect our digital Bibles to be continuously updated, just as the rest of our software is kept up to date.

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Alex Watt

Also, just a reminder: Not all of the Bible Bee verses differ in ESV 2007 and 2011. I haven't done a comparison, but the only one I know of currently is 2 Timothy 3:17. So you may not have much to change.

His Servant

So, I'm still slightly confused about all the different ESV versions and dates. The Bible Bee uses ESV 2001? And I have ESV 2011 in my account right now? Sorry for all the questions....

River La Belle

For those of you worried about the continuing updates of the ESV, here is a link where you can read a bit about the translation philosophy of the ESV Translation Oversight Committee, especially their debate about the translation of the Greek word, "doulos"-- largely translated "slave".

You can learn a lot more about the ESV from

Here is an excerpt from the first link:
"The extent of the word changes [in the 2011 ESV] is comparatively small, involving about 275 verses and less than 500 words out of more than 750,000 words in the Bible text. To put this into perspective, the changes to the ESV are about one one-hundreth of the changes made recently in other leading Bible translations.

"Most changes to the ESV text were made to correct grammar, improve consistency, or increase precision in meaning. In making these changes, the Committee was deeply conscious of the enormous responsibility entrusted to it—to translate the very words of God, with the greatest possible accuracy and precision, depth of meaning, and literary excellence."


Thanks! This is great! By the way, 2 Timothy 3:17 in the ESV 2011 (as entered on Memverse) says 'competent' instead of 'complete'.

Does anyone know/is learning Koine Greek?

@Bethany Pentimone: Bible Bee uses the ESV 2007 - I hope they'll switch next year...


Great! I love this! I actually had made a separate Bible Bee account but I had to use ESV 2011! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

@ Alex Watt: Oh, I won't need to change. I just take advantage of your new thing where you only have to type the first letter, because competent and complete still start with the same letter. I love that too, because sometimes I do have to hurry if I need to study my Bible Bee verses or something.


InSoloChristo- I had pointed out the difference not knowing their was another ESV edition. The Bible Bee is using the 2007 edition, but because I did not know the difference I pointed it out.


We were thinking about doing ESV for Bible Bee, and since it was not going to be the same, we decided that we would do NASB, so this will be nice for next year. :) Also,m y sister just received the sermon on the mount badge!!


Thank you so much for including this edition of the ESV! It will make memorizing the BB passage[s] much easier on Memverse.

His Servant

ISC -- Though, the inside of my Bible Bee Bible says that it is 2001...


@Bethany Pentimone: That's the year of the copyright.

His Servant

@ISC -- Ohhhh...I see! Don't know what I was thinking :P


Am I understanding you to say that you expect to phase out the NIV84? (In the case of the new NIV it is not just an update. It is a new translation, just with the same name.) Will verses we already have in our NIV84 lists be automatically switched to the new NIV?

Alex Watt

Twilah - We hope not. All Andy was saying is that he understands what it feels like to have a version updated on you and that we're doing our best to let users continue with older editions of mainstream versions.