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Time Posted on October 16, 2012 User Andy

First, welcome to all the new members who were referred from We had 20x the usual number of signups yesterday. Great to see so many new people and looking forward to getting to know you all.

Today we want to foreshadow some upcoming changes on Memverse. We started Memverse with two motivating ideas: 1) making it simple to keep track of and review one's memory verses online and 2) using the Supermemo algorithm to efficiently retain a large number of memory verses.

Over the past three years it has become clear that there was a gap in the functionality. It is difficult to learn a new verse without an intensive period of repetition at the start. To solve this we have been working on a new feature which will allow you to get a verse 'stuck' in your head before you start the period of review. It is still a work in progress but you can try it out. It will likely evolve over the next few weeks so feedback in the comments is welcome.

Our plan is to build this page into the 'flow' of the website. More details on that in a future post.

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Thank you so much - this is amazing! I randomly picked a verse thirty seconds ago and now I almost know it. This is really great!

However, entering a tag doesn't seem to work, nor does the 'Show verse' button. (By the way, I like the new magnifying glass!)

Also, the ten different levels, which I find quite fantastic, don't really work well with very short verses, i.e., John 11:35.

Thanks for all the work! Overall, it's great! (As I already stated...)

Joy F.

I like this new tool very much! I tried it and it really helps a lot to get the verse ingrained in your mind pretty well after the 10 times of reviewing it! It seems like it will be a huge help to me. With this tool I'll be able to have my verses memorized better, so that when I review them I actually know them pretty well. I think it is a great addition to Memverse! Thank you guys for your work!

Deborah U - NIV

This is a great feature! Just what I've been needing. I usually actually memorize my verses offline and eventually get around to adding and reviewing them on here later because memverse is so little help in the early stages of memorizing. This feature is a great addition to change that.

Leah Jessie

Wow, this really is amazing! I'll definitely use this a lot! Just a quick question though - if we practice a verse on it that we already have counted as memorized on Memverse, will it go back to having an interval of 1 day (and thus not be considered memorized)?


Like Deborah Unruh said, this is just what I've been needing! This will help a LOT! Thank you SO much!

ChiefofSinners II

Wow! I was a little skeptical as to how well this would work, but consistently, with every new verse I tried, I had mastered it by the time Level 10 came around. This will be a very useful tool when it's up and running!

2 Corinthians 5:17

This looks great! I tried it out and loved it!!!! :) Thanks for all the work you do on Memverse!


Very good for new verses. I also start memorizing outside memverse, and one of things i do is write them endlessly on paper, but sometimes I'm short in paper =D so this tool is perfect.


Thank you so much Andy and whoever else worked on this! One question can this be used on multiple verses that are in order ex. John 1?


Hey, Andy, this shows some wonderful promise.

Two observations:
1. It really cries out to have an option for the person that wants to include the punctuations.
I tried a verse, and it just didn't READ the same without the Puncts.

2. My vision is not the best, so when I am typing my answers in memVerse, I always enlarge the size of the type on my computer. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, when I do that the box that you are typing in does not change appropriately, and it covers up some of the neighboring words. It should work equally well, whatever size of type the learner is using.

Hope these comments help.
Thank you for realizing the need for this.

Also, what is the answer to the question that AstroLeah posted?

Emily H

Whoa!!!! This is awesome!!!!!!! I love it! Thanks for all your work!

EDIT: Tag is working fine for me.


Thanks for all the comments. They are very helpful.

Using the /learn page doesn't change the interval at all and has no effect on the status of memorized verses.

We are working to implement support for passages as I think that could be very useful.

We will look into all the other problems mentioned.

Victoria M.

Looks great!


It sounds wonderful, but where is this "learn" option?

John project

I gave it a try and although I am slow at the keyboard, I found this to be very helpful. Its simple to use and quite effective. I am looking forward to using it more. God bless you guys : )


Okay, so this page would be an optional thing to do Andy? I agree with the punctuation thing as well, at least for spacing! I kept accidentally trying to put spacing or periods (though it still worked when I did anyway.)

It seems like a good idea to me! Thanks!

Everett C.

This is awesome! The tags and show verse don't seem to work though.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Crystal - there is a link to the page in the blog post - or here >>


This will be great! I have a similar program for my ipod, but it was a lot of work to get the verses in there (copy and paste). This will be a excellent tool to have built into memverse! Great work guys!


I came here to ask about whether or not you could allow passages in this system, but I saw that that question had already been asked! Can't wait to use this thing on a regular basis! Again, thank you SO much!

Mary M.

Wow! This is great! Thanks!


Agree with the others that this is a great option, especially for learning brand new verses. Entering a specific verse didn't work for me, though. I tried Romans 12:1 and got Romans 1:1, so I had to scroll all the way through the first 11 chapters to find the right verse. That would get old really fast! ;-)

Thanks for all you do to keep this site running for the rest of us.

Matthew Minica

Thanks for this new resource! One thing I noticed - I was trying to learn 1 Thessalonians 5:13 using this page. This verse has a word with an apostrophe - namely "work's". When it replaced this word with a blank, it took me to the next blank when I typed "work", without requiring me to type the " 's". Again, thank you so much! I was hoping for a long time that something like this would come out. :D

EDIT: Wow, lots and lots of new users! We have hundreds more than we had just a week ago - and now it looks like we're going to break 2,000!!!!!


Yes, I also noticed that it isn't handling the possessive apostrophe correctly.


This is awesome!! Thank you!


Thank so very much. It makes "whole chapter " people like me slow down and chew our food properly.

In the "old days" they used to teach us to chew our food at least 10 times before swallowing; it aides in digestion. This system reminds me of that old method. By the 10th time food is truly digested even before swallowing.

I feel the same way about this "learn" method. I know the verses. I know them before I began to officially memorize them. This is simply great.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. May God continue to bless and increase this site and the people that work so hard on it.

By the way, I never got 10 chews done before I swallowed. My food had already melted away.


Is there a way to add the scripture reference into the memorization pattern? (Does that make sense?) I have a difficult time memorizing the reference that goes with the verse. Could you drop the chapter number on step 3, drop out the chapter and verse number on step 5, drop out the whole reference on steps 7 through 10 replacing in each case with the box that we fill in. This would "force" me to have to commit the reference to memory along with the verse.

Ian R.2

This is really helpful!


The suggestion made by Juli about Scripture References is really a good one.
I would further suggest that it be made an OPTION that the learner can choose to turn on or off.
I say this because I have some verses that I have no trouble at all remembering the address, while others seem like a difficult challenge to retain. I'm sure other learners have similar experiences.

What do you think?


This is very helpful; in the past, I often had to start memorizing somewhere else so that I could write the verse out several times. A few things that I noticed (and I think they may already have been mentioned): The "Show Verse" feature tells me that the translation is missing (I am not quite sure what that means), and the words that I have typed in already are sometimes truncated. (The last letter shows only half-way, for example "holc" for "hold.") It is a great page, though, and I look forward to using it to start working on verses that I need to know quickly!


Thank you! This is so helpful for my, ahem, not so young or quick brain! I love the suggestion to include the reference memorization option, always a challenge for me. Also, I kept repeating my verse after stage 10 and it would be fun to track how many more reps I did until I felt confident since - yep - 10 wasn't enough.
God bless you for all the work put into Memverse!! It is a major blessing to me.
Thank you!

Bethany Meckle (inactive)

I love it! This will be a HUGE help. It only lets me do NKJ, though. I mean, I use NKJ for most of my memory work anyway, but there are some verses I am learning in other versions. How can I switch versions? (I already tried switching versions on my profile and it didn't work)
BTW, AstroLeah, I like your picture. :)


Thank you so much! This is such an awesome and helpful feature. It would be nice if you could have the option to do a few verses at once. It is such a brilliant idea as it is though! Thanks. :)

Jo B

This is brilliant! A wonderful new feature. Thank you!! :-)


I noticed this on the memverse homepage:
"InSoloChristo has, theoretically, memorized his 1400th verse."

I don't think I've seen 'theoretically' used before. Is that something related to this recent feature?


@Jacen Price--No, ISC just likes to change his name whenever he makes an accomplishment that will be posted on the Home page; this time, he changed his name to "InSoloChristo has, theoretically," when he was about to memorize his 1400th verse. :)


Why do I feel like I've been duped. I was totally thinking it had to do with the new practice feature. Only, I couldn't find anything related to it. Guess I will have to keep an eye out for these little nuances that you all share on here. Thanks.


@Jacen Price: Sorry - I was just trying to be honest when I said that. :P Somebody has just taken it off anyway...


Wonderful tool! I love the idea. I'm sure that all the kinks will eventually get worked out.


No apology needed. I've scanned through many of the forums and blog posts. It seems like there are several close knit communities on here. That's a good thing. We all need all the support we can get.

Everett C.

I don't know where to post this but I memorized all of 2 Timothy 3 but it doesn't say it's memorized on my account page. ( It does on "your verses" though.)


@Jacen Price: Okay. :)


I love it! I memorized a really long passage in like half the time that it usually takes to memorize! Thank you!


@Everett - I have the same thing with 2 Timothy 2 - I have it all memorized in NKJV, but vs. 15 is in KJV. I type it out as NKJV and rate it based on NKJV, but it doesn't show up on my dashboard. Maybe you have it in under more than one version?

Everett C.

@Zachary, I have it all memorized in ESV.

Phil Walker

Finally checked this out. Thanks for all the work, Andy and Alex. I praise God for the new practical tool.

Matthew Minica

I'm not sure if this is the right spot to put this, but this post mentioned the spike in active users, sooo.....

We passed 2,000! We now have 2,002 active users!!! Praise God!
Congratulations everybody for referring 500 new people in the past three weeks! :D

Brian Sander

This is great!

I usually memorize offline and use Memverse more as a maintenance tool, which it is fantastic for!! Thank you so much for your work on this great tool!

One idea you might consider is allowing an option for those who want it to set a brand new verse to come up every session until it is recalled correctly for 5 or 10 or however many sessions in a row that they want before starting to extend the time between reviews of that verse according to the algorithm. If that option were available, I would likely do my initial memorizing online.

Caleb Lancaster

One quick question. Is there a way to memorize multiple verses in a row, instead of having to do just one at a time? Like memorizing 1 John 4:1-4, instead of 1 John 4:1, 1 John 4:2, etc.


I would also appreciate the feature that Caleb Lancaster suggests: allowing the user to group verses for memorization. There are just far too many verses that break in the middle of a thought or sentence.


We're hoping to find a better solution for passages. Stay tuned as it is very high on our list of priorities.


Thanks, I'm glad to hear it. Your work is a blessing to me.

Rebecca King

I also want to say thanks, Andy! This is a very helpful tool for learning a new verse. I don't know how you think of / implement all these new things to do and continue to keep the main website going and juggle your family life and "real job" too! God is giving you lots of grace for all of this and we are thankful.

Philip Purchase

I would just like to add some words to this absolutely awesome site. I was searching a while back for a way to learn verses because i struggle to sit down and write them out all the time. Having this site makes it so much easier to learn as i can steal 10 minutes of my morning, lunch break and just before i leave for home, to do some verses. I love this site and my wife is so jealous as I am now learning verses far easier than she is. You guys are doing an amazing job. I am in the process of getting all the children at my Church involved in this. Thank you for the site and all the time you have put into it. Making it free shows the world that God's word does not have a price. But even if it did have a price, i would gladly pay it.

This thanks is coming all the way from South Africa.


Thanks Rebecca and Philip. It's great to hear that it is working out for people.

Philip, it sounds as though you use the site similarly to the way I do. I've found that those little patches of memorization throughout the day really start to add up in the long run.

I'm busy working on a much better way to handle passages (a feature I've wanted for a long time!) I think it's going to be a big missing component.

Matt Glick - NY/OH

Looks good, but is there a way to get KJV instead, then it would be very useful for me!


How did I not see this feature until now?! I have consistently used Memverse in the past to simply get all the verses I have memorized previously in my lifetime into the system and thereby keep them more fresh in my memory. However, I recently caught up: all the verses I have memorized/am memorizing are in Memverse and being reviewed regularly. So - I have slowed down on adding verses, because I only add the ones I have previously memorized - so I'd only add today whatever I memorized yesterday offline. Then I discovered this feature and tested it on a random verse in Hosea. It worked perfectly! I now have that verse memorized - and it would be ready for me to add to my review list here on Memverse! I can now for the first time really use Memverse to MEMORIZE verses and not just review and retain them! It is now truly "Memverse" and not just "ReviewVerse." :) Thank you very much! This will aid and motivate me to memorize larger passages much more quickly!

I agree about the punctuation; could the punctuation perhaps be set to come up automatically as we type in the word?