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The much-anticipated practice exams arrived late last night, and we also have a few other resources to share with you. Some of you may notice that the tests have been delivered earlier each year — this year, by about a week.

Primary Test: PDF Answers: PDF
Junior Test: PDF Answers: PDF
Senior Test: PDF Answers: PDF

See here for a bubble sheet to make the practice test experience as close as possible to contest day; the Bible Bee's site also offers scan sheets for 100 questions and for 200 questions.

Please note that these practice tests and other resources were created by volunteers and are in no way endorsed by the Shelby Kennedy Foundation, which hosts the National Bible Bee.

Other resources:

  • Weekly Bible Bee quizzes. Thank you to Nathan Wright for taking charge of the Bible Bee quizzes. You're doing a great job.
  • Past quiz questions. Naturally we have only included the multiple choice questions. Please let us know if you spot errors in the questions; there are probably at least a few. These did not undergo the same level of scrutiny as those in the practice exams.
  • Bible Bee study videos: On Vimeo here. Bethany and Landon Meckle review the content of the past few weeks and share suggestions given by other people. You can submit a suggestion, too. You can also access them at Bethany's Weebly site.
  • Free songs for Bible Bee verses: Please see here on Mustard Seed Faith Media's site. You can listen to and download these songs for free. They are sung by Nathan in all four translations.
  • Bonus practice test: Andrew Adams and Everett Chew prepared another practice exam, aimed at Juniors and Seniors. Here is the test; here are the answers.
  • Final quiz:  One last broad review quiz will be held here on MemVerse the day before locals.  See the link for more details.

If you have another resource to add, please leave a comment and we will try to include it.

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32 responses to 2014 Bible Bee Resources


Wow! Thanks everyone!


Thank you!!

Bethany Meckle

Wow! Thanks for linking to the videos, Alex!! I can't wait to take the practice tests. :D

Everett C.

Thanks everyone :D

Everett C.

I think 28 on the primary test is wrong. Daniel's prayer was of confession, there is no sign of supplication in it. Also "Nacham" is spelled wrong in one of the questions :)

Matthew Minica

@Everett - I see what you mean; thanks for pointing that out! Being an ESV user, you probably didn't notice that all three of the other versions translate as "supplications" what your version translates as "pleas for mercy". :) The question might be better worded, though, by including the entire prayer of Daniel (9:3-19) instead of just verses 3-5.

Everett C.

Thanks, that makes sense.

Mommy's Helper

Thanks guys! (And gals.) BTW, numbers 81 and 35 are the exact same question in the Primary test.

Matthew Minica

Just took the Junior test; had a few thoughts...

Q53 - correct answer is D. (Jonah 1:5, 17, 4:6, 7, 8 - although the specific word "prepared/appointed" isn't used in 1:5)
Q62 - A & B are both correct.
Q87 - remember, the test isn't supposed to be based on the Sword Study... :)
Q149 - correct answer is D, including the nobles. :P
Also, on Q186 I think both A & B (and hence D) are probably correct. (Grace and goodness are kind of synonyms...)

Thanks again everyone for the help! As always, feel free to leave comments (as I have done) concerning corrections or suggestions for improvements.

If you enjoyed the practice tests, there are a couple of things you can do to help this ministry: 1. Tell as many people as you know who do the Bible Bee about these practice tests, and ask them to pass it on. 2. Consider joining us in the practice test project next year. It is a fun, edifying project that allows you to study for the Bible Bee and help others at the same time. You will be encouraged by others who are studying the same book as you are, and often you can help each other study when one sees something that another missed.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Yay!! Looking forward to taking them...but kind of scared of the Senior one...haha...it looks hard! Great job everyone...it was awesome working together to accomplish this! =)

Emily H

For 53 I left it like that because, like you said, 1:5 doesn't specifically use the word "prepared/appointed", but I guess I should have changed the wording a little to make it more obvious. x) EDIT: It's also different Hebrew words (Tuwl in 1:5 [same word for when they throw the cargo and Jonah overboard:P] and Manah in 1:17 and 4:6, 7, & 8)
62, Ohh, right, sorry about that. :-/
87, I should have cut that part out... :P
149, Who all did you count?
186, The verse's specific wording is B, but you're right that those are pretty similar...

@Rachel, Haha! Yeah, it was hard. xD But I thought there were some really good questions and they did a great job mirroring some of last year's test... :D

2 Corinthians 5:17

Okay...so I took the Primary test. 3 of the questions I can't believe I got wrong :P Oh well... :P

Emily H

The original question I had about the Sr test I figured out :P But then on #67 it asks for the Greek word used in Jonah...?

Alex Watt

New: Andrew Adams and Everett Chew prepared a practice test for Juniors and Seniors; please see the updated post (last list item).

Everett C.

I just took the Junior test. Question 35 I believe is C instead of B. El Roi is "the God who sees". Question 45: depends if you mean literal city or city and people; kind of controversial. Question 79: I think that the real point of the plant was to teach Jonah a lesson. Both A and D would probably be correct. Question 95: I don't really get it... I though it was a typo and that you left "else" out :P Question 149: Jonah, sailors, captain, Amittai, people of Nineveh, king... I can't find the last one. Also the /people groups makes it kind of confusing... Question 185: Does Jonah 4:2 emphasize one over another?

Great test! Thanks for making it!


What I learned from the Junior practice test:
1. Relax. Read the answers thoroughly. No, you don't have to finish it in half an hour. :Þ
2. Review the CR's. (One of the few things I haven't gotten around to yet.)
3. Reconcile yourself to the fact that there are going to be ambiguous questions.

So, with all its failings, it was a really great test! (And the failings only make it more realistic!)
Thanks! :)

Matthew Minica

@Emily - I counted the Lord, Jonah, the sailors, the captain, Amittai, the people of Nineveh, the king... and his nobles. xP

2 Corinthians 5:17

Everett: I also though 79 would be to teach Jonah a lesson

Bethany Meckle

I just took the Primary test - it was great! There were just two questions that I thought were wrong.

Question 32 is version specific to ESV and NASB. KJV and NKJV don't say anything about growth in salvation, just growth in general.

On Question 72, the answer should be C and D, not just C. The verse does say "Learn to do good" as a command, and then a little bit later it says "Let us reason together."

Other than that, great job everyone! I can't wait to take the other three tests. :)

Everett C.

On our test:

8 is wrong. Should be A.

24 is version specific. C and D are both correct.

49 is kind of debatable...

71 is a pretty bad question.

138 is version specific but the answer is obvious.

155: It is never recorded that the sailors gave thanks to God.

Tell me if you find any more.

Esther Grace

Thank you Matthew and team, and Everett and Andrew, for the practice tests! They were great - very helpful.


Thank you so much for making the test, Andrew and Everett! I especially liked the question which mentioned putting a rebellious child under Ryan Sinni's mentorship XD!

Emily H

Everett, 8 should be A?
14: Zephaniah 2:13 And he will stretch out his hand against the north, and destroy Assyria; and will make Nineveh a desolation, and dry like a wilderness...?
52: "...and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just..." ?

God's Maiden of Virtue

Good test, guys! Thanks for the explanation on some of the questions - that helped me figure out how many I really got wrong. =)

Everett C.

Emily - Yes... Are you talking about a different question?

Emily H

Everett: No, I was just wondering since the answer sheet says A, so I was wondering if it had been changed, and B sounds right...

I edited my above post. And I got 35 wrong on your test. xP

Emily H

And Everett, in reply to your post from a while back (sorry...I've been busy):

I just took the Junior test. Question 35 I believe is C instead of B. El Roi is "the God who sees". Well, I guess that works, but I think El Hay fits better because that means "The omnipresent living God"

Question 45: depends if you mean literal city or city and people; kind of controversial. Sorry, I think that should have said "In the beginning of chapter 3" or something to that effect

Question 79: I think that the real point of the plant was to teach Jonah a lesson. Both A and D would probably be correct. You're right, that one has two right answers :-/

Question 95: I don't really get it... I though it was a typo and that you left "else" out :P That question is asking for the meaning of the word...is that what you're asking?

Question 149: Jonah, sailors, captain, Amittai, people of Nineveh, king... I can't find the last one. Also the /people groups makes it kind of confusing... Yeah...the SS has 7 blanks, so that's why I left it that way, I had a hard time finding everyone as well

Question 185: Does Jonah 4:2 emphasize one over another? "I know that thou art a gracious God and merciful, slow to anger and of great kindness..."

Everett C.

Thanks, Emily!

Everett C.

14: I added huge in :P Some them were close to having two answers.

52: Turn disobedience to wisdom. "Wisdom *of* the just". And disobedience contrasts wisdom better than justice... That one was pretty close, too.

Great job!

Emily H

Everett: Okay, that makes sense! Thanks!! :D

Bethany Meckle

The practice tests were SO much harder than the real test!!! I was really worried about my score on the Junior and Senior practice tests, but I felt a lot better after the real test. xD

Nathan Wright: Impersonator Hunter

All the quizzes are finally available on PDF.