Memorize Sermon on the Mount or Ten Commandments

Time Posted on January 04, 2017 User Dakota Lynch


Want to memorize the Sermon on the Mount? Matthew 5-7 is a very familiar passage of Scripture that's well worth memorizing! Scripture Memory Fellowship just launched a new program designed to help you memorize all three chapters in 23 weeks. And by using Memverse to do the memory work, you'll earn the Sermon on the Mount badge!

(NOTE: If you're not quite ready to memorize S.O.M. -- or maybe you already know it -- you can pick the 10 Commandments instead.) 

Enrolling at equips you with the following resources:

Mobile App

Full Enrollment includes unlimited SMF app access. Study your verses on your smartphone or mobile device with audio and visual practice tools, commentary on each passage, and accountability features. 



Memory Journal - Book & PDF

The memory journal divides each passage into bite-size lessons, and has space for you to write out the verses in your favorite translation. Study questions are also included to increase your understanding of God's Word. 




We all like acknowledgement for hard work, right? Scripture memory is tough, but the following rewards are designed to keep you on track for the long-haul.

      • Chapter 1: Chick-Fil-A Gift Certificate 
      • Chapter 2: SMF pocketknife/multi-tool
      • Chapter 3: S.O.M. t-shirt

Memorizing the Sermon on the Mount also earns a scholarship towards any SMF Bible memory camp or retreat!


Memorizing 3 whole chapters isn't easy, but you'll be encouraged by a community of memorizers all working towards the same goal. You'll be invited to join the S.O.M. Facebook group where you can chat with other memorizers and even post videos of your recitations! Regular encouragement emails are also included.

Click Here to Enroll 

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3 responses to Memorize Sermon on the Mount or Ten Commandments


This looks very interesting.

Robin Mahler

I need the discipline to log in daily. Pray for me.

Phil Walker

Have always loved the Sermon on the Mount. Wrote a drama on it that has been performed a few times. Here is a link to some of the drama covering Matthew 6:21-34 involving a game show The rest of the drama can be seen at scripturechallenge challenge on youtube.